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Your Questions About Netbooks Laptops | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Netbooks Laptops

Thomas asks…

Whats the differance between netbooks, notebooks, and laptops?

I think that i am going to get a laptop.
But i see these notebooks that look the exact same as laptops, but they are cheaper .
What are they and what are are the differance between them?
Which on is better?
Im 13 and which on is best for downloading and good speed.
please help !
Thanks (:


They are one and the same thing



Lizzie asks…

When will www.mln.com.au (Mobile Laptops & Netbooks) be available?

I am trying to connect to Mobile Laptops & Netbooks‘ website but it either cannot be found or is unavailable. Is this temporary? How long ago was it working?


It back up

Ken asks…

Laptops / Netbooks that have more than 6 hour battery life?

Hi Everyone,

I am a looking for a laptop or a net book that is of the following:

11″ – 14″ screen
more than a 6 hour battery life
under $700

I am a student and this new laptop / netbook is just to take to school to take notes and browse the internet.

Does anyone have any good recommendations and why you are recommending it?

Thanks :)
Oh and I am not looking for a Mac…XP or Windows 7 operating system would be ok.


In a word NONE.

Helen asks…

what is the holiday that gives the most savings/deals on laptops/netbooks/tablets?

I think its either black friday or cyber monday, but idk


Black Friday gives a bit better deals in some places but cyber monday in other places so its a hit or miss

David asks…

What jobs, industries and establishments require the use of laptops, notebooks and netbooks?


My job requires me to occasionally check network status on machines that are remote. I guess that I could run a desktop computer in my vehicle but a laptop sure makes it easier.

People that give a lot of presentations use laptops (and sometimes a projector) to help them stay organized.

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