Your Questions About I5 Lenovo Laptop

Mandy asks…

Could this laptop run Black Ops?

OK, I’m planing to get a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 420s with the i5 proccessor and I wanna know if it can run it at lower settings… It has Ati Radeon 6330M GPU, with the Intel i5 2410M CPU 2.3 GHZ and 4 GB of RAM. Thanks for your time.


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Joseph asks…

A good netbook/laptop for under $500?

Can someone recommend a good and relatively small netbook/laptop for about $400-$500? I haven’t bought a computer in about 3 years and I am not that familiar with the new i5 processors/how much they are worth… I was originally thinking about Asus or Lenovo but am open to pretty much anything besides Apple. Hopefully something that goes on sale this holiday season.



I would recommend taking a look at these 3 laptop/notebooks from

HP ProBook 4530s XU015UT 15.6″ LED Notebook –

Toshiba Satellite L755-S5349 15.6-Inch LED Laptop –

Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5336 15.6-Inch Laptop –

Steven asks…


“” I WANT i5(2 gen) 4GB ram 500gb hard disk 1gb graphic card screen size not matter?
I have selectted some models
DELL Inspiron 15R AT – - – Rs. 39.000/- 15″
LENOVO Z570 AT – - – Rs. 39.000/- 15.6″ ( LENOVO is having 3 year warranty )
HP pavillion g4 AT – - – Rs. 36.000/- 14″
TOSHIBA C640 AT – - – Rs. 32.000/- 14″
ALL are having i5(2 gen) , 4GB ram, 500GB hard disk, 1GB nvidia graphics card ,
for me look don’t matter , i need good laptop , reliable laptop , rough & tough ,
I am going to use this laptop for list 5 year.
AND please tell why UR recommending particular laptop
please tell i am going to buy a laptop today . . . ( thanks )


According to my opinion i would say u to go with LENOVO Z570 since it gives u 3 year warranty.i think it will be a good choice if u want to use it for 5 years.

Mark asks…

Which of these laptop is better? What would you recommend?

I am planning to buy a laptop, i have a budget of $800, and 5 laptops to choose from, i will use the laptop for class, writing some essays, making some presentations, and for some gaming, like Combat Arms, or Counter Strike. I will leave the links here, please tell me which one would you buy and why. I dont have any HP on the list, because ive heard bad things about them, but if you consider it a good option tell me.
If you think i cand do better, tell me too!!


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You missed this!


MSI GX740-434US. Core i5 480 + Mobility Radeon HD5870 for $799.99. You don’t get those for under $800 anywhere else.

David asks…

need a new all round laptop for school?

I am looking to sell my current laptop and desktop computer i have researched and believe i can get around 150 for the laptop and 300 for my desktop
my buget will be around £600 £700 tops (that’s Around $1000)

I am attending a new school next year and need a sSolutionfor when i am at home and want to game and when i am at school the school day is around 7 hours including travel so a good battery is in need.

these are the essential features i need-

-at least 5-6 hours battery if not more
-dedicated graphics that can handle the latest games around low to mid detail
-good processor for speed and switch on time (I5 or higher)
-HDMi out
- 4 GB ram

features i would like but not a essential-

-usb 3.0
-switchable graphics
-blu ray (not essential but would be nice)

I have looked the best i have found are -

the middle one

basically need some pointers of what to buy as my knowledge of the laptop computing world is limited


Try ebuyer they have a good range of machines at reasonable pricesl

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