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Your Questions About Laptops Under 500 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Laptops Under 500

Mark asks…

are there any laptops that has a camera and are under 500?

i want a new computer 4 christmas and i dont want anything over 500….. please help!



I pay for this laptop a year ago $1050.+ tax and it has a slower processor and only a 120Gb hard drive.

Maria asks…

Is there a site where i can customize a gaming laptop for under $500?

I wanted an Alienware X15 for my Christmas present, but I don’t have the money and my parents won’t get it for me. I NEED a gaming laptop because there is nothing to do in my town, and I need to be entertained. Any sites for a customizable gaming laptop for under $500?


I have a friend that makes those and can sell you around $300-$400.. It depends where you live tho.. Were in VA

David asks…

Good laptop, under $500…?

So my wife and I are looking to get new laptops (her’s might be a necessity) soon. And since, like many of you I’m sure, $$ is a factor. I get TigerDirect emails all the time for laptops starting @ like $349 or something.

But , I want a laptop that will be good for video editing and be on the smaller end that still has the high resolution (so i can fit more on screen at one time)

What is out there for under $500, if they are out there, and where are they? Thanks!


A decent laptop at 500 is a stolen laptop. Then again I’m really picky when it comes to a laptop or any computer in general.

Nancy asks…

where can i find 14″ laptops for under $500?


You should be able to filter down your specifications and check pricing in one of the online shopping sites online……

You can see a similar page filtered to your requirements at http://www.reviewgist.com/notebook-reviews?Price=0-to-500&displaySize=14.1&sortBy=ratingDesc

this one also gives ratings based on reviews…..

Ruth asks…

What laptops are under 500?

i was thinking hp or dell or something that’s good quality. has 4 or more GB and isn’t one of those minni ones. and i want a new one nothing off ebay or the sort. and a vid. cam lol
well i am cheap and don’t feel like spending my money on a peice of equitment. does anyone know if or when a sale will go on????


Umm $500 wont get you anything worth buying unless you have someone who has connections to Dell or HP… Also look at a lenove thinkpad Tseries… Thats what I have and its amazing, I think there like $800..

My advice is to just save up some more money and get something that will last you. Anything under about $600 isnt worth it.

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