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Your Questions About Buy Laptops Online | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Buy Laptops Online

Linda asks…

Where can I buy laptops “online” with no OS (Operating System)?


Awwwww i lurve you

Joseph asks…

Where is the best and safest place to buy a laptop online?

Could somebody please tell me where is the safest, with good customer service assistant, online place to buy a laptop?
Not one that won’t answer my querries or that if the computer brakes, I won’t be able to send it back as they no longer exist. thank you


At New Egg , also get promos for them at http://www.prioritycodes.com/Electronics/Newegg.com-Priority-Codes/index.html to save some money

Sharon asks…

Where to buy asus laptop in chandler,AZ ?(except online)?

I love asus laptop. I dont want to buy laptop online. In bestbuy, there are too few laptops and I don’t like most of it. so where i can buy asus laptops in stores in chandler az? thank you


Try Frys in Phoenix or Tempe.

Betty asks…

If you buy a laptop online how do you know if it has finance against it?

If i buy a laptop online how do i know if it has finance against it?
When my hubby bought his laptop he was offered finance so i figure some people must finance them. But how do you know if you are buying off someone if they financed it?


I suppose the only thing you may be able to do is ask the seller for the serial number and then phone the supplier to see if it’s still under finance. This’ll only work with companies like eg. Dell or Apple.

Why does it matter anyway? It’s not quite the same thing as needing to find out if a car is still on finance!

Ken asks…

What are the ways to get discounts when buying computers/laptops online?

I will be buying one soon and any discounts always help. Are there any coupons or anything?

Im probably going to buy an HP dv6700t


Http://dealnews.com has daily deals for everything. Scroll down to the computer section and you’ll see the best deals for computers! Remember, chain stores are not always the best to buy from. Buying online is usually cheaper.

DELLS SUCK. Never buy a Dell.

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