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Your Questions About Net Books Laptops Prices | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Net Books Laptops Prices

Daniel asks…

Mac white unibody, PC or mac book pro 13 inch?

I’m a college student and I need some thing with long battery life that I can take to class and take notes with and read my online text books with , something that doesn’t weight too much and is durable…basically the best for the price. I was thinking of getting a net book …But someone told me that mac’s battery life last longer than most net books and I have used macs before so the OS is not all that strange to me. should I get the mac book white or should I pay the 200 extra for the 13 inch pro?….or is there a net book (or pc laptop) with a battery that lasts long enough for about five and a half hours of class?
I’m not really the best with technology so please help me I will be going to the mall tomorrow to pick something out
10 points best answer :-)


NetBooks are not worth your time or money. Buying one of these, your just throwing your money away. Keyboards are too small, the trackpad is too small for good uses, the computer itself is too slow for anything too good, and without a CD-Drive you going to have to make sure you have everything you need on the hard drive or on thumb drives.

I would recommend the MacBook Pro myself. The aluminum case is much nicer and will be much more durable then the Plastic case of the MacBook. Other then the case, I believe the basic MacBook Pro and the MacBook are the same thing. I have a MacBook Air myself. I personally wished I went Macbook Pro, but I find the battery life rating is overdone. It only lasts 2-3 hours despite being rated at 5 hours. Though I think you will find this discrepancy with any battery rated device. I had a Compaq laptop a few years ago that was rated at 2 Hours and only lasted 30mins.

If your more comfortable with PCs, then you can also go with these as well. Though I can’t personally recommend any. My sister has a toshiba which seems pretty nice, and my friend has a Sony Vaio which also seems pretty durable and nice.

Ken asks…

Help choosing a laptop?

Looking for a laptop/net book for a student. We already have a desktop, therefore heavy gaming, video streaming, and major things like that, will be done on the desktop. Normally, all I do on a computer would be homework, writing papers, facebook every now and then, and itunes. So, I’d need it for:
-writing papers
-internet use
-power points
I save most of my papers and projects on USB drives so i don’t think not having enough memory should be a problem.
I’d like to keep the price as low as possible without getting a very crappy computer. Any recommendations?


Maybe go Mac for all that stuff. You will save money by not having to fix your pc every month.

But if you ever get a desktop for yourself(Not family) then go windows. The Macpro kind of rules out why you would get a desktop.

Joseph asks…

suggest a laptop/netbook for this price range?

okay so my savings are $550 and I want to buy myself a laptop or a net-book
I’d like one with nice memory space and RAM.
I’ll be using it for various purposes since I’m doing an online degree. so please suggest some
thank you in advance !


If you want a netbook, go for the HP Mini 5103. Best, although very pricy, netbook. It’s considered business class and is suitable for executives. I’d recommend a laptop over it though.

If you want a laptop, you can get a lower end HP Pavilion or Dell Inspiron. Either is good for your price range.

Sharon asks…

What is the best tablet for me?

I am 17 years old. I want something that can do just about everything a iPad and a laptop can do, but at a cheaper price. I was looking at the Vizio tablets and they looked promising, but I need some professional advice. Is there something else out there that you know about that I don’t? PLEASE HELP!!! I also looked at the net books that the screen turns around on to make a tablet but still I need advice!!


Samsung Galaxy seems good.

Read some reviews on this website:

Mary asks…

What does the CPU number mean?

I am planning to but a smaller laptop/net book to carry around and i cam across this two…
1) Acer 11.6″ Laptop, 1.33GHz Intel Core i3-380UM, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD $550
2) Acer 10.1″ Net book, 1.66GHz Intel Atom N455, 1GB RAM, 250GB HDD $230

Which one is faster….. the price doesn’t matter bc i want a good one but then if i buy 11.6 one is it more slow or fast because the core i3 is second gen. and i am confused about the numbers


Cpu pretty much means Central Processing Unit
and the first one is much better! Alot more ram (you need alot of ram nowadays)no, the core is irrelevant to by the way, ram is what you need and ram is what makes your pc faster, and may i ask where are you buying this from, i might buy one myself!

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