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Your Questions About Laptops For Kids Age 10 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Laptops For Kids Age 10

Maria asks…

I can never please my mom, what can I do? I want to kill myself?

My problem is a little softer. I am only living with my mom and since I was little she had moments when she screamed at me and beat me with a belt. I still have those memories. Since I was 8 she made me stay at her outdoor shop and sell while she was gone to buy other stuff for the shop. Now that I’m almost 18 she keeps making my life a living hell by not letting me stay outside past 10 o’clock. I don’t get why, I mean I am a straight A student, I am a volunteer in a lot of organizations, I am a good kid, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke or do drugs… Really, I don’t know why she acts like that.

These days we had two theatre performances with an organization and after we finished performing in a cafe, around 8 o’clock in the evening, we stayed to celebrate the succes and also because it was karaoke night. My mom called me at 10 o’clock screaming to go home. I told her that I wanted to stay and that I would come back with some other friends later. Because she was very pissed, she actually came to the cafe and took me home. I kept her away from my friends, I am grateful for that, but otherwise I am very sad. Sometimes, when she gets mad she keeps repeating me how useless I am, that no kid would act like that, that I do nothing good, that I have no friends and stuff like that. And she continues to repeat these things till it gets 2 o’clock in the night.

These things affect me very much because I only have her, and since childhood I have been hearing the same things. I want to wait till I will turn 18 but it’s just wrong how she is thinking. I mean I am a smart kid, this is the age when I should go out and have fun. I’m not going alone, I go with a lot of friends, I’m safe.

I have wanted to kill myself or run away a lot of times. Sometimes even my mom would kick me out of the apartment and then, after a few hours would come back looking for me. And this happened since I turned 13, so I was very little. I cut myself a few times, I ingested pills and after a few days I went to a hospital because I had a lot of stomach aches. My mom thought it was from food. I don’t know what to do.

There are good times, but then, she gets crazy out of nowhere, just because there’s a glass of water in my room or because other stupid things. I think that at some point, I’m going to do a lot of bad stuff just to get a revenge on her, I don’t want this but I feel that these constant fights will have consequences.

I am all alone, I am sad and can’t focus on anything when she treats me like that. After a fight i gets better, she apologizes but this doesn’t change the fact that I’m still hurt and broken. There can’t be a week without a fight. She is making my life miserable, she takes my laptop, phone and scholarship money after a fight. She comes to the organization to embarrass me. It’s true that I’m part of the conflict because I tell her that I want to go out and we contradict each other, but it’s not fair, she’s lying and exaggerating all the time. I can’t put up with that and admit, I stand up and say the truth.

I don’t know what to do, I would go to a psychologist but she doesn’t want to go. The fights will continue because her character is like this, she can’t control herself when she is angry…
What can I do? I don’t really know how to react anymore…


A little over dramatic are we?
Simple solution. Move out when you turn 18.
Then start pleasing yourself, instead of pleasing others.
If there’s no solution, then there’s no problem.

Robert asks…

can you help me with christmas gift ideas?for my 5 siblings?

1. 15 year old girl – spends all her money on clothes has no hobbies sits on laptop 90% of time
2. 11 year old girl – childish for age reads tracey beaker etc and like justin bieber etc
3.10 year old boy – addicted to playstation games but dont want to buy him one want to get him something else
4. 8 year old boy – quiet likes things like lego , ps3 games but the older bro never lets him on it, likes arty stuff and things like toy metal detectors etc
5. 4 year old boy – doesn’t seem to have much interest in anything specifically, but want to get him something he will love and wont get bored of maybe something educational.

for the 4 younger ones got a budget of £20 each and the 15 year old one £100 because she lives with me and our dad who has the other kids never gets her anything . thanks :)


15 year old girl-Eye shadow, lip gloss, body spray and lotion are all good products for a teenage
girl. Try to pick cute, bold or playful colors like pink, blue, purple and green as
opposed to the subtle browns.
– a box of her fave chocolate
– jewelry
Cheap mp3 you can get 1 for £20 or headphones
– Some nice perfume
– Some 15-year-old girls love trendy clothes and new accessories. Just get items that go with the personal style of the girl. For instance, a girl who loves bright colors and funky patterns should appreciate plastic costume jewelry. On the other hand, some girls who look up to fashion icons, such as Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel, enjoy classic items. Fifteen-year-old guys want to dress nicely too, so get them some soft cotton tee-shirts and boxers.

11 year old girl- harajuku perfume-http://www.theperfumeshop.com/fcp/product/womens-perfume/harajuku-lovers/wicked%20style/2564
-craft kits
-gift cards
-Diary – fluffy ones like this r cute -http://www.amazon.com/Silly-Fluffy-Diary-Choice-Present/dp/B004WWBXLC
- Movie and meal with a friend or 2, maybe just a ticket to the movies
- Haircare accessories
- if she has a fave singer buy her a biography or tshirt to do with em

10 yr old boy- Sports equipment
-Science kit like make your on volcano
- a game
- a big watergun
- Accessoories for his bike maybe
- Cheap mp3
- Posters
- a new bedding set?

8 yr old boy- Lego
Video games
Craft kits
Pokemon cards
Remote control cars

4 year old boy- Remote control car
Ant farm
Crayon maker- http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=crayon+maker&um=1&hl=en&client=safari&sa=N&tbo=d&tbm=isch&tbnid=O7Mb70f0gyfljM:&imgrefurl=http://besttoysguide.com/crafts/crayola-crayon-maker&docid=Xxe3fK-YZGwinM&w=540&h=540&ei=uudfTpO7NcPA8QO2gNG_Aw&zoom=1&biw=768&bih=946
A pet fish
A pillow pet
A alphie robot- http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&client=safari&q=alphie+robot&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=768&bih=946&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi

Thomas asks…

I don’t know how to control my anger around babies?

I have so much hatred when I hear babies crying or when I’m baby sitting. Sometimes I’m left home to babysit my cousin. He’s an one year old and he likes to get into things and when you stop him, he cries or goes back and do it again. I know he’s just a baby but this really bothers me and I find myself yelling at him to shut up, squeezing his cheeks and talking down into his face, or just leaving him there to cry. Yesterday he almost drove me to the point where I was just thinking of smacking him off my bed because of his repulsive screaming in my ear. We’re just there on the bed, im on the laptop, and he kept doing this crying pattern. He stays quiet for 1 minute, then cry, then stay quiet, and starts screaming again in my fuking ear AND IT WAS DRIVING me crazy. However, not only babies, kids too. I hate it when kids make these machine noises when they are playing with toy cars or whatever. When they stomp around in the house by running, whenever I keep getting questions asked by them every second when I’m on my laptop about what i’m doing. I was never like this before. Ever since my aunt had her first child and I was 10, I used to like watching him, changing his diapers, playing with him, feeding him and when he turned 3-4 I just started having this hatred for babies and kids. I’m 17 now and she has a 1 yr old and I don’t like doing anything for him. Not even for my brother who’s the same age. I’m just afraid that whenever I start having kids, I’m going to be a bad abusive mother :( i need help.


Maybe you should look for counseling/therapy. I’m not telling you that you’re crazy, but it’s the only way i know to go deeper around those issues, i guess you don’t want to wait until you’re a mother and get to know what’s going on with you in the worst way :/

sometimes children can be a pain in the b*tt, others children seem to be always nicer and cutter but when they start to cry we do not like it even a bit, so we can ‘discard’ them and give them back to the mothers.

Usually, when we are the mother, natural instinct makes us protect our own children and our patience and love increases to a dimension you never thought you could reach before. My mother used to tell me that. I hope she is right…

George asks…

How do i make this lady im living with GET A LIFE!!!?

OK I have 10 minutes to write this before i go out so please help if you can!!. I live with this lady and her two kids until i have saved up to move out wid my mates ANYWAY…….. This lady im staying with has shared custody of her children with her ex, so they each have the kids for a week. im 23 and shes 39 but acts immature for her age and gets jealous of me koz i have a life and she dont!, ive tried encouraging her to go out with her ONE MATE! but she always makes up excuses. i even tried organising a dinner with people her age i know from my job and family members but she always DECLINES!. Her life is WAKING UP, MAKING A COFFEE AND SITTING ON THE COMP ALL DAY TALKING TO AN ONLINE LOVER FROM A DIFF COUNTRY!, ive even tried getting her on dates in the real world with guys her age but she just hides in her house ALLDAY. she never takes her kids out so i do when i can. She complains she never goes out YET she wont do it!!. She is On the comp as usual as i type this on my laptop.


It sounds like she may be suffering from some sort of depression. Maybe you could encourage her to seek some outside help. It’s not good when someone sits on the computer all day and does nothing else, especially as she has children. Maybe she has post natal depression, which seems to very common these days. She needs to look deep within herself to find out what her problem is. Maybe she lacks self confidence due to her relationship breakup with her children’s father – maybe her ex has moved on and she hasn’t and because she hasn’t, she’s having trouble dealing with her emotions. When people are feeling down and depressed, the last thing they really want to do is go out – it’s just too hard, so sometimes it makes them feel better to complain about it.

Michael asks…

My wife plays favorites?

My wife and I have 3 daughters, a 37 year old, 35 year old, and a 27 year old. Our 37 year old lives 10 states away, our 35 year old lives in an apartment 10 minutes away, and our 27 year old just moved back, so she, her husband, and their 2 children live with us until they find a house.

My 35 year old daughter hasn’t gotten married yet, and has no kids, and she isn’t dating right now. She’s gorgeous, funny, looks amazing for her age, and is very smart, but just wants to focus on herself and her career. She also is very Christian and refuses to mess with anybody until she’s married, so its not like she’s one of those people who have a different guy every night. She’s a teacher, so she has a pretty low salary. We have always been very close, since she has always been more like me, and her sisters are more like my wife (she ran track for her sport, her sisters twirled batons. she loves watching football and basketball, her sisters only like twirling, she doesn’t drink and never curses, her sisters both drink and party a bit).

My wife has compared her to her younger sister her whole life. She always asks our 35 year old why she cant be more graceful like her younger sister, why she hasn’t married or given us grandkids like her younger sister, always tells her her values are to high, etc… She was always a great kid, never got into trouble, made straight A’s through college and high school, she was a good runner, was very pretty, but my wife still always compared her to her sister

My daughter came over to our house the other day, and she realized we had 2 new iMac computers in the house (30 inch, nice ones). My wife bought one for our younger daughter, as she is a photographer and it is great for editing pictures. She also bought one for herself just because she wanted one. Now we have 4 computers in the house: 2 iMacs, a PC desktop, and my wife’s old laptop (its old, and a pc, and isnt even very nice). Since my wife bought our younger daughter that huge iMac, my 35 year old asked if she could have my wife’s old laptop, since she just got a new computer. My wife wont give it to her. Keep in mind, my 35 year old doesn’t have internet at home, and the only time she can use the computer is at school. She doesn’t even want the laptop for social reasons, she wants it so she can check her email and enter grades from home. Also about a month ago, we were getting rid of an old couch, and my daughter asked if she could take it since we didn’t want it. My wife said no and threw it out instead. She threw it out instead of giving it to her own daughter. Now my daughter is starting to get really annoyed, especially since we bought our other daughter a computer. I cant just go out and get our 35 year old a laptop without my wife’s knowing, and it isnt even like she’s asking for a new one! She just wants the old one that my wife doenst even use! how can i get my wife to stop being like this? I really dont understand


That’s really hurtful. I think you should just go with your instinct and give your daughter the laptop or buy her a new one! You’re going to lose her if you keep treating her this way. I know it’s not you doing it but your standing by as it happens. Do you really want to be with someone who is going to treat your OWN flesh and blood this way? I don’t think it’s very fair, and it’s never too late. Who knows, maybe she will change her ways once she knows you won’t put up with this childish
behavior anymore? Let her know that this behavior is unnacceptable and you refuse to put up with it anymore. Think of how you would feel if your father was standing by as your mother was treating you like this….. Unfair and hurtful and why? Just because she’s different… Think about it! :)

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