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Your Questions About Netbook Hp Mini 210 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Netbook Hp Mini 210

John asks…

Which netbook? HP mini 210, Dell inspiron mini 1011 or Samsung N150?

I’m after a netbook and have narrowed it down to the Dell Inspiron Mini 1011, the samsung N150 and the HP mini 210. All are very similar but no idea which is the best. My husband has the dell and I know they are a really good brand with a great reputation but the guy in the shop said he’d opt for the samsung.

I would use it mainly for the internet, word processing and music so I need one with an easy to use keyboard etc. The HP has the easiest keyboard but seems the more basic of the three. Can anyone shed any light on which is best?


I personally like HPs. If you go to http://hpdiscountlaptops.com you can get $25 off your order.

Joseph asks…

Hi, I have a problem with my order with Hp mini 210 netbook?

By the way i try to place my order online but i couldn’t cause the address on the bill is different then the shipping address and hp has my order on hold and my credit card company doesn’t want to return the funds.. Please help if this had happen to anyone before.. Thanks…


If they have not shipped the product already then there should be no problem. Hp will change the address and intimate you within 2-3 days provided if you have mentioned the same address while you purchased it.

Daniel asks…

HP Mini 210 Netbook, good or bad?

I am shopping for a netbook as a mother’s day gift. I found the HP Mini 210 for $99.99 from AT&T, which seems to me like a good deal since I am an AT&T customer and was planning on also paying for the internet service as part of the gift, but I am not very computer savvy. So I’d love to know what some people think, is it a good computer? The price is for sure right, but I want to be sure its a good gift. Below is the link to the AT&T listing:


Thanks for any and all input.
Some details or other suggestions would also be much apprectiated! Thanks :)
Not asking about the AT&T deal, it is a 2 year contract, which I am going to end up paying anyway since I was planning on paying the internet service. How about the computer though??


Um idk i have a comp like it i think good

Linda asks…

Would you buy a cheep HP Mini 210 netbook?

I bought a brand new HP Mini 210 netbook for my daughter’s Christmas gift and when she opened it, it did not work. I called HP tech support, sales, and the CEO’s office and no one cared. They said send it back and we can send another in a few days or refund your money. They even had a term for this computer called “Dead On Arrival.” Just how many poorly made computers do they sell that they even have a nick name for all the bad ones they ship out? I also found out that they don’t make HP computers in America: they sell “American” computers that are all made in China. Don’t buy anything from HP because they sell cheep junk and don’t care about the end user.


Better off with Asus, Acer or Sony.. Top 3. HP is one of the worst 2…
And for the money you’re spending on a brand new netbook, better off getting a used laptop on the ‘bay…

Helen asks…

HP Mini 210 Netbook has blank screen?

I have a HP mini and last night when i turned it back on and typed my password in it went blank,it would not go on my page it was a black screen.How can i fix it? FYI it accidentally fell out my lap that might have something to do with it.


Try to restart the laptop by holding power button on for a few seconds. If it doesn’t work you might have to pay a visit to your local laptop dealer if out of warranty,.

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