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Your Questions About Hello Kitty Nerd | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Hello Kitty Nerd

Betty asks…

Which glue do you think most suitable?

To make similar items to these? I would love to customize my own stuff at home and was wondering if anyone knew the best glue to use so I dont waste money and time on the wrong product. Thanks.




Sorry, new to this. I tried to upload the link so anyone answering would just have to click on it but sorry its not working :S
Sorry, new to this. I tried to upload the link so anyone answering would just have to click on it but sorry its not working :S


A model builder of 35 years to your rescue.



Super glue is not as good as gorilla glue which is a bit more expensive but is made from pure cyanocrylate so it retains a little bit of flexibility.Super glue contains other chemicals which make it brittle. Two pac epoxy resin is the saviour for me and evo stick if applied to both surfaces and left for 10 minutes ends up working like gorilla glue.
I build and solder locomotives together out of metal plastic wood or whatever sometimes the smaller parts cannot be soldered, as you see from the photos, so I know what glues are suitable for a job and these are the top brands which work best and hardest for me
Pva for wood,paper and card – any DIY store
gorilla glue for all metals (unless you can solder like me) – any DIY store or see link below
Evo stick pretty messy but universal (can be rubbery so not for small parts !) – any DIY store
Two pac epoxy resin is also pretty universal too – see link below




I think for your job Gorilla glue would be most suitable as it works on any surface but it helps to key the surface first with a small needle file or nail file.
Lemme know how you get on – comments on you tube
Best wishes and happy hobbying – Chris………..

Carol asks…

i need your help plz if you can HELP ME?

hi im mayra i need your help i been looking for this shoes everywhere and if u find them plz tell and here the web so u can c what they look like?http://18.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kvlbmd21cX1qaw8oro1_500.jpg
they are hello kitty i love nerds shoes they are
nike dunk shoes so if u do know……………
plz tell me!
i need them!



try it
it does wonders

James asks…


read the title..
cute one’s like i<3 nerds hello kitty.
i need a big one that will hold a towel and lunch. and some flip flops.


See if you like any bags you see on this,

Lisa asks…

what are some 10-year old styles for girls?

My 10-year old cousin asked me what her style should be so i told her i’d call her as soon as i find out. she really likes neons, hates the color pink, skinny jeans, hot topic, spencer’s, nerd stuff, hello kitty, bows, studded belts, stuff like that. so, can somebody please help me? she can’t buy stuff from justice, because she can only wear the things once, then they shrink in the washing machine. shes a juinors size 11/13 and pants size 7. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For the neons check out sugarlips they have 4 or more neon colors and like a thousand other colors they are sold on sugarlipsonline.com they r super comfy and cute then for others try abercrombie they have some really good jeans and there is always stuff in the clearence and if you want something cheaper go to forever 21 they have some cute stuff but it falls apart quickly but i think the high waisted skirt and tank top top and maybe a cardigan when its cold is the CUTEST look especially for a 10 year old

Lizzie asks…

If you do, why do you love Japan?

Besides Anime nerds, and Hello Kitty fanatics.


When I lived in Omiya near Tokyo, there was a cycling path for people with bicycles. It was wonderful in summer. You can also cycle on the pedestrain paths. Japan is a paradise for cyclers.

In Tokyo area the weather is often fine, so I used my bicycle to ride to work and back. I used it in winter too. Cars are usually friendly and careful. :)

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