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Your Questions About Lenovo I5 Laptops | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Lenovo I5 Laptops

Betty asks…



HP was and still remains one of the biggest and best laptop computer manufacturers in the world. HP is a pioneer when it comes to bringing about innovation in laptop technology. It scores in terms of performance but has seen a dip in popularity due to its lackluster customer support. It’s the only laptop computer manufacturer company that can supply you with custom made products according to your requirements. HP still remains one of the best, despite a large amount of competition from other brands. The sheer range and variety of products makes it one of the most unique laptop brands.

If you want to buy a quality product and price is no issue, then Dell remains one of the best choices. The reason why it’s the best laptop brand 2010, in terms of quality, features and performance is its reliability. The Dell Vostro and Studio lines are some of the best in the business with a great combination of features, geared towards top performance. It is tough to single out one as the fastest laptop brand (2010), but it could be a Dell product with its power packed features. With this, we reach the end of best laptop brands list for 2010.

Ken asks…

Is lenovo laptop is good to buy now?

I want to buy the Lenovo intelcore i5 suggest me whether is it good or not compare to all other laptops


Extremely best, i will suggest you lenovo thinkpad e520

Maria asks…

Which Laptop? Lenovo vs Sony.?

I need help deciding which laptop to buy. I have narrowed the selection down to two that i like.






Both seem very similar but which is the best? I want the laptop for general use and very casual gaming (not anything graphically demanding). There is a massive price difference in these two laptops, is that due to Sony’s branding?

Do you have any other suggestions that are similar to these? I prefer Sony, Lenovo or HP.


Brand or price….i’d prefer the sony as they are usually good quality and i’ve never heard of a lenovo, DONT BUY A DELL LAPTOP, i’d go for this


Chris asks…

Lenovo Z570 or Dell inspiron 15R ..which is good in india..Most reliable?

I am in India..I would like to know Lenovo z570 i5 second generation,3GB RAM,1GB Nivida Card,650 GB harddisk — dell i5 second generation,4GB RAM and 1GB Nivida Card,500 GB harddisk(customized),Please let me know which one good for long life.I heard Dell is assembled in Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India.What abt Lenovo…US and India user can get same Lenovo Laptop…Can you Guide which one can i go for….
Hello Sir,
In HP what are the additional you got it…


Don’t even listen to that guy telling you to buy a macbook,they’re a bit too overrated.one can get an alienware 11 at the cheapest macbook’s price.
In this case the Lenovo is better….if you can then stretch your budget a bit and get a Dell XPS 14.it’ll cost 45k.or else get the Lenovo, a better option considering the price.

I recommend a XPS 14 Rs. 44,900 /- INR
Intel Core i3, 4GB DDR3 SD Ram, 500GB SATA HDD, 14.0″ Widescreen, Wifi, Bluetooth, Windows 7 Home Premium,1 GB Nvidia Graphics GT420 M

or else get the Lenovo…

William asks…

i5, 3gb RAM laptop good a multitasking?

My current laptop (not going to bore with the specs, but they aren’t good) is terrible at multitasking, when I browse websites and play music on youtube at the same time, it runs unbelievably sluggish.

Would this laptop (i5 processer, 3gb RAM) sort out the problem?


Thanks for the tips.


Yea! It should be good I got i3,4gb ram. And its pretty good at multi tasking i use 5-6 programs at a time and it still runs fast. So i5 must be faster

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