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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Affordable Laptops

Mandy asks…

What is a good yet affordable laptop/notebook/netbook ?

Im looking to buy a laptop preferbly a notebook or netbook. Ive been doing some research and some good ones yet affordable ones (Im only 15) is Inspiron Mini 10v. I do like this one although I dont want to just panic buy. What would be another good one that is decent sized (not small or big) has good performance, and is affordable? Im also a big fan of tablet pcs so if any ideas on that :)


Important things for you to consider are how important battery life is to you, how big of a screen do you want, and what type of operating system you plan to use.

If you really want long battery life, I would recommend getting a smaller sized laptop or a netbook. I’m not sure how big of a screen you are looking for, but the Acer Aspire One has great battery life and also a 10.1″ display.

It has enough power to do all of the “light” things that you would typically need for school work. It has the necessities of built in Wi-Fi, built in webcam, Windows XP instead of Vista and so on. It also has a pretty affordable price.

However, if you need more power to do video or photo editing, playing games, etc. Then I would recommend a notebook computer with at least a Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB or more RAM and a discrete graphics chip.

More details on this Acer Aspire One, as well as advice and info about other laptops and netbooks that should fit within your budget, is at the link below.

Donald asks…

What are some of the best laptops for teenagers?

I am a 14 year old girl and my parents wont buy me a laptop so i have to buy one myself… What are some of the best and most affordable laptops? It has to have internet (because that’s what i am mostly going to use it for) and itunes capability. Webcam is preferable but not necessary. Thanks :)
Also i will probably want to download the Sims 2 on it.


I think Sony Viao is best and also affordable and you have to purchase internet connection and it also ha itunes capability.

Joseph asks…

Laptops…affordable. 3 of them are needed?

Ok. My parents are getting me and my sisters laptops. I don’t know what laptop to get. All I know is it HAS to be affordable so, no more than $1,000.


Check out best buy for some good priced laptops. If maybe you provided more detail, i could maybe pin point a really good laptop for you and your sister(s) to use, for under $1000 each.

Jenny asks…

Do you know where to buy an affordable laptop in Paris, London and Amsterdam?

I want to buy a laptop. Not sure about the brand now. I want to buy one at a reasonable price. The thing is that i’m travelling to Paris, London and Amsterdam next month and I wonder if anybody knows a place where to shop and see some laptops. I don’t know where it could be much cheaper. I want to take the opportunity that i’m travelling there for also buying the computer. So, if you know any place and its website. I’d appreciate.


Best place would be Amsterdam out of the three, if in London go to PC World, avoid Paris and in Amsterdam go to MediaMarkt which is at Amsterdam Arena.

Lisa asks…

What’s a good, affordable laptop to view high-res photographs on?

I was looking for a reasonably-priced laptop with a nice-sized and clear/crisp display screen to upload and view high-res photographs on (viewing photos will pretty much be the laptops main use). Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking of something in the Toshiba line but wasn’t sure where to start.


Mac. Get the cheapest one. Get a student discount at the apple store. I got mine for 900. Its great for photo viewing, editing, etc. If you need more memory, update it later.

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