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Your Questions About Acer Aspire 10.1 Netbook | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Acer Aspire 10.1 Netbook

Steven asks…

Quick Q about acer laptop?


does this laptop have a camera,, how well does it work nd what r the features– color options..


It has a camera, the quality isnt that great tho. The brightness of the pictures and resolution is pretty dim. There isnt that many features either.

Betty asks…

Does a long battery life in a laptop slow it down?

Im getting a laptop and i dont know if i should get three cell or six cell. in this laptop (Acer aspire 10.1netbook) six cell last you all day and i dont know how long three cell last, but does a long battery slow it down? i have heard that but i want to know. also how long does a three cell last usually?
please help!!



Uh, no. If anything, a larger battery will speed up your laptop because it’s more powerful than a smaller one.

Sharon asks…

webcam problems doing my head in?

my webcam is built in i have acer aspire 10.1 netbook and the webcam works fine execpt when i try and use it in windows live, it used to work but now the buttom that says show my webcam doesnt allow me to click on it however it used to..ive has this netbook about a week, the cam works everywhere else apart from msn
someone please help me!!


Open msn and go to tools > audio and video

when it gets to the video part of the set up make sure your webcam is the one listed in the dropdown box which specifies what video device to use.

George asks…

Which laptop would have best performance on World of Warcraft?




please tell me which could play WoW better Thanks.


First of all, netbooks have the worst integrated graphics cards (which can probably only play games like minesweeper).

Second of all, the amount of ram is just enough to run apps and most likely not enough for most modern games.

Third, the cpus on netbooks are the worst/slowest. They are intel atom cpu processors that run at less than 1.5 Ghz.

Fourth, even if it could run WoW (highly unlikely), it would probably overheat/crash in 5 or 10 minutes max.

Ken asks…

Apple Mac or Windows PC ?

hi i currently have an acer aspire 10.1 netbook and it is terribly slow, the prossessor is 1.6GHz , i was told by an IT technician to buy a apple laptop even an old one is ULTRA fast, so i am looking to buy an iBook (2nd hand) here is the details This is the fastest G3 at 900 MHz and has the upgraded onboard memory – 640MB SDRAM, 40 Gb drive and a bright 14 inch screen. If it is 900 MHz does that mean it is slower than my current PC



Don’t bother. That iBook will be slower than your Netbook by a long shot.

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