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Your Questions About Lenovo Ideapad S10-3t

Ruth asks…

I am buying a pc tablet which should i choose, the Apple Ipad, Hp Touchsmart tm2, or the Lenovo Ideapad s10 3t?

I want the device to have to excel in

-Internet browsing
-Game playing
-Video playback
-Office Suite { Mainly word processor and presentation maker}
-ebook reading
-Media Player
-user interface
-educational resources


Well the Ipad won’t have windows but it does have the best battery life although it doesn’t have flash, a USB port, a cd drive, or a keyboard, and let’s not forget windows.
The Lenevo Ideapad seems to have this additional user interface, apart from windows and I believe the Touchsmart has something similar but it’s not the nice user interface the Ipad has.
The real choice is, do you want a computer or a huge slightly better Ipod Touch.
Also their are ebook programs for all of these tablets.

Daniel asks…

Lenovo ideapad S10-3t vs Dell Inspiron duo?

my dad said i can get a new netbook for highschool use and i saw these two netbooks/tablets.which is a better use for word processing, internet browsing, and multimedia?


The dell duo is very interesting because it can be converted into a tablet. Dell minis are the product of choice for most geeks who do hackintoshes. One could surmise that the person likely to know about hackintosh would have a level of expertise and knowledge. While very few corporations use netbooks, of the ones that do, 90% are going to be dell, with hp, eeepc and toshiba being the remainder. A consumer can learn alot about making purchases by looking at what experts buy. There is a reason why we personally use and we deploy certain brands in industry and why we avoid certain brands. We are the ones that get called when things go wrong.

You should also look at the asus eeepc 1215 and the toshiba models. Do NOT get an acer.

You should also consider getting a laptop instead of a netbook. They are infinately more capable and about the same price as the duo which is alot more expensive than the dell mini.

Good luck in school!

Donald asks…

Lenovo ideapad S10-3t Windows 7 starter?

im going to get this netvertible soon and i saw that people recommended to upgrade it to windows home premium but can yu just stay with the starter?


Short answer: you will have limited functionality but yes. For general purposes like word processing and internet you won’t notice the difference.

Long answer: check here for exact specs of the versions of windows to see what you may want. Http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/products/compare?T1=tab02
also depending on the specs: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=Lenovo+ideapad+S10-3&cid=15865931535636631790&os=tech-specs lists for one model. The processor is slower so while it will run full win 7 PRO/ULTIMATE. By having a limited version (starter) it might be more efficient and it might run smoother. The other reason it includes starter is that it is cheaper to the manufacturer.

Either or check what you need it for, and the first link. To see if you need to. Likely you can get by without. And do not forget other operating systems such as linux.

James asks…

i need help with my lenovo IdeaPad S10-3t?

so i just got my idea pad for christmas this year and for the most part i am happy with it but i wiped my screen off while i was off and now my touch screen isnt working and i read a couple of reviews and everyone loves it and i cant get any technical support please help!


I recommend you to contact the Lenovo online support once and check for the issue.

Joseph asks…

Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T owners: Stylus info?

I am trying to find a stylus that will work with my tablet PC for taking notes/handwriting. I know from research (if this is wrong please say so) that I need a capacitive stylus. However, most I have found look fat and have many reviews that show a negative input regarding handwriting abilities, saying they don’t work well. I mainly want to use this stylus for handwriting. I can push buttons and move windows perfectly with my finger tips. I found digitizer stylus’ that I thought may work, but what do you think? Have you tried it, or have a recommendation?

I saw the following– will they work?



Thank you!


The second one will work with your computer (the toshiba stylus).

The first one is generic and designed to work with any computer (ie not tablet). So you will not be able use that device on your tablet screen or you will damage it

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