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Your Questions About Intel Atom N455 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Intel Atom N455

Maria asks…

Is the Samsung Refurbished Netbook PC with Intel Atom a good computer for a big MMO such as World of Warcraft?

The exact title of the computer is Samsung Refurbished Black 10.1″ N145-JP02US Netbook PC with Intel Atom N455 Processor and Windows 7 Starter and I’m considering buying it with my Christmas money. I really dont care about the highest quality graphics, I just don’t want lag.


Dont think a netbook would run any game, OK fine it might but with really crappy view :/ and i mean crappy or it might even over heat xP

Paul asks…

hp mini 110 with intel atom n475?

hey i have an hp mini 110-3700, mine came with 2gb ram and 300gb memory, and an intel atom n455 1.6ghz, so i was wondering if i could replace the processor with an intel aton n475 wich is at 1.8ghz, wanted to know if theyre compatible, and if not isnt there any way to overclock n455 yet?


You would not notice much if any difference in the two cpu, and over clocking is not a good idea…

Helen asks…

How much memory does minecraft take up and what are the requirements?

On my laptop ive got an intel atom n455, an intel graphics media accelerator 3150, 1GB DDR3 memory, 250 GB HDD and 802.11b/g/n.
Thanks alot please help. Thanks


I don’t know the specific specs or Minecraft, but MC on your computer will lag. A lot. If you get Minecraft, go to “Options” then “Video settings” then put the graphics to “fast” turn smooth lighting off, and make your render distance “Normal” or “Short”, and it should reduce lag quite a bit.

But that’s still a pretty bad computer :|

Mandy asks…

Should I disable paging file or just reduce it?

HP Mini 210-2100 (Netbook)
Cpu; Intel Atom N455
Ram: 2gb
Not sure how well it would fend without paging file and solely on RAM but I think it would still run at avg efficiency. Advice with references to why, rather than personal opinion.


Depends on what you’re doing. If you aren’t using much ram for what you do, it isn’t using page filing to begin with. If you ARE using more than your 2 gigs and you disable page filing, it will run like crap and most likely crash. The default for yours would be 2 gigs. I suggest you leave it there.

Donald asks…

Skyrim problem please help i dont understand what this is can you tell me?

Failed yo initialize renderer HardwareT&L required but not supported by adapter, what does this mean, i reinstalled my graphics driver and i haveset sound to 16 bit (cd quality) or somethin like that I have an Asus Eee Pc with an intel atom n455 powerful processor 1Gb RAM 32 bit operting system please please help, i just wasted like 60.00 $ if i cant get that back, and i dont make much money, believe me.
the powerful part was actually on the sticker i just felt like saying cuz i thought it was just catchy lol. but the game i got was a digital download, so is it a problem with my steam???
my video car name is Intem(R) graphics media accelerator 3150
my audio device is realtek high definition audio card. so i know i probably cant play on here but just sayin


Not sure if trolling or…

Nah bro, seriously, read the system requirements before buying an expensive game like that, 1gb of ram is TINY in gaming standards, intel Atom… That is really not the kind of processor you want for gaming, no, it is not a powerful processor, true it is for smaller devices and netbooks it’s quite a piece of tech but even then it’s not POWERFUL… Bud, you need to do some research, heck even read the back of the box before you blow away $60!

MINIMUM Specs of Skyrim from Bethesda’s Website

Windows 7/Vista/XP PC (32 or 64 bit) – At least you got this part right =)
Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent processor – Here’s a problem (Intel Atom isn’t dual core… At all and your model the n455 doesn’t even nearly match the clock speed, sorry).
2GB System RAM – here’s a problem, recommended specs are 4gb but I only have 2 and it runs fine on my machine. YOU however, only have 1gb, look into that for future reference…
6GB free HDD Space
Direct X 9.0c compliant video card with 512 MB of RAM – This part you didn’t even mention so I can’t help you here
DirectX compatible sound card
Internet access for Steam activation – I take it this part

So even if that isn’t the problem, once you fix this one you’ll need an upgrade to your PC before the game will let you run it… In future, please check your system is actually capable of running a game before you buy it… I would highly recommend an upgrade to your system’s hardware.

EDIT: I looked up the Asus Eee… Just no, just from looking at it I an tell you it’s not meant for gaming… AT ALL! Especially after seeing the specs you listed… A word of advice, don’t even try gaming on a notebook PC like that, your just going to waste your money, it’s not meant to play games like skyrim… You could run Warcraft and such but… Only do the higher grade stuff on a desktop with high specs.

Your PC isn’t near powerful enough to run it, if your short on cash I think you should take the game back and try get a refund unless you have a more powerful machine you can run it on.

Sorry if I seemed aggressive or mean in this post, sometimes I do and don’t realize, I didn’t intend to I’m really just trying to help.

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