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Your Questions About Samsung Charge | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Samsung Charge

Maria asks…

How long should I charge my Samsung Captivate during the first charge?

I just received my new Samsung Captivate. The intsructions said to charge it before starting it up, so I am doing that right now. Should I charge it until it says the battery is full or should I keep it on the charger even longer than that?


It can’t be more charged than full. But just charge it for as long as you want, if you’re in no rush to use it then leave it until it’s full.

Donna asks…

Can you charge your Samsung Eternity battery without the cable?

I’ve been swapping phone batteries with my mom for about 6 months now and it’s terrible. Since the charging port on my Samsung eternity no longer works, is there a way to purchase an external device that will still charge the battery separate from the phone?


There are many ways you can charge your battery by itself out of the phone, the listed products below include a mains charger which uses the phones USB port, and also a dock which will charge the phone and also a single battery by itself.
Just choose which would be the most suitable for you.

USB Charger:


Battery Dock:

John asks…

When is the best time to charge your Samsung Eternity?

I have a Samsung Eternity and I was wondering when would be best for the battery to be charged. Should I charge it when it is down to one bar or when it is completely dead? The battery in my old phone completely died and was unusable after I charged it every time my phone was totally dead and my phone wouldn’t turn on. So when is the best time to charge my Samsung Eternity because I don’t want to kill this battery.


Billy Id suggest every night weather its down to one bar or not. Its not a bad idea to leave it run down occasionally but the newer batteries do not have memories like the old nicad ones.

You can charge it when its convenient to do so.

William asks…

how long do I need to charge Samsung Galaxy 2s to be fully charged?

Hm , its like its taking him forever to be fully charged? :S
How long does it take? Cause I used iPhone before, and iPhone needed like one hour to be fully charged. Its like samsung S2 need 5 hours :C


Until it says it’s done.

Paul asks…

where can I charge a Samsung D900 in New York City?

My Samsung D900 cell phone has run out of battery and my charger is a couple of thousand miles away. Is there anywhere in New York City (Manhattan preferably) where I could charge it?


Nowhere where you can charge it but any cell phone store will sell you a new charger.

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