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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For College | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For College

Laura asks…

Laptop for college?

What is the best laptop to get for college? I’m going to be headed off to college soon and I would like to get an affordable one, but one that is still useful. I don’t want to buy a really old one because I want to be able to use it for atleast the next five to six years. And where would I be able to purchase it from?


Macbooks are most dependable for the hardware, they rarely breakdown and have a good warranty for internal problems. Also, they are cutting edge in comps. Apples makes amazing products and are highly compatible with all their products.

Paul asks…

What would be a decent, affordable laptop to purchase?

What are good brands?
What should I look for?

I will be attending college so Im sure i will use it for research and typing, but mostly for internet browsing.


I suggest u this one
Toshiba Satellite L655-S5065 TruBrite 15.6-Inch Laptop (Grey/Black) -low price
*2.26 GHz Intel Core i3-350M dual-core processor
*4 GB DDR3 memory
*320 GB SATA hard drive, DVD SuperMulti drive supporting 11 formats
*15.6-inch widescreen HD TruBrite LED-Backlit display, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M
*Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, 4 hours of battery life

Michael asks…

DELL vs HP laptops. Which to buy for college purposes?

I’m into college now so i think i need a laptop for project purposes and to view my lecturers’ powerpoint slides.
I heard dell and hp are good for this uses but there are also pros and cons on both so it was really contradicting.
I want use the laptop for powerpoints, words, excels and many other windows programmes.
I may also use it for music entertainment, play some online games and facebook. and i download shows to watch so a memory of slightly above average will be preferred. I don’t know how much memory do the shows takes but if you know please help me out :>
Budget to be < S$1500, to be affordable and good to use at the same time.
I’ll like it to be easily portable and yet not small and not big..Just average.
I do mind on the looks of the laptop. Not too.. scrimpy?(a word for this i don’t know what you know what i mean) Not too much on the looks though because i trust there aren’t those scrimpy laptops around anymore?
Please state which model of dell or hp is better. You can state other brands if you think they suit my purposes, budget and memory..Provided i’ll be able to find them in singapore.
Not too much brands for confusion though, I will panick. x)
Thank you very much and your sugguestion will be much appreciated!


Honestly, I have a vendetta against Dell, so I would say HP. That being said, either one will probably work for what you want to do. I would recommend a minimum of 3GB of RAM and a dual-core CPU if your plan to watch HD, otherwise 2GB of RAM and most any CPU on the market should handle standard def TV shows. If you can, find a laptop with a discrete or dedicated video card and that will really help with watching any sort of video.

In case you were wondering, my vendetta against Dell has to do with them trying to pass off refurbished parts as new and typically having terrible customer support. My brand of choice is Sony Vaio, but that may be just over your price range.

Mandy asks…

What Kind of laptop should I get for college?

I am planning on attending college in the fall and I need a laptop. I know Mac Book Pros are the best but the price shows for it. I would like something more affordable without breaking my wallet because i want to be able to spend on my dorm room. I would like to know if there may be a way yo get a Mac Book Pro for less than retail price. If not what laptop would you recommend and why?


Mac? GOOD IDEA!!!! I worked with computer since I was 8 and my first computers were Linux and Dos. Once I went over to Mac, I would never go back. Check eBay, they usually have great deals. Under no circumstances should you try Craigslist, never for a computer.

Good luck and good luck in school!




Susan asks…

Laptop for College – Mac or PC?

My HP laptop as of now has had too many problems…so I’m already eliminating an HP laptop for the future.

I plan on going to college for film-related stuff. So I know people are going to say to get a Mac. But I’m also looking for something affordable, plus I’m used to Windows computers and they can have more programs on them, correct? Doing some reserach on the internet, I think I would also be interested in a Lenovo model. I also heard that if you get an apple computer and something goes wrong, you can’t get it fixed but have to get a whole new one. Is this true? I need something that’s going to last awhile, can support programs, has good amount of memory, and is affordable. Any UNbiased answers? :D


I don’t know how UNbiased I am, but I can give you some suggestions.

If you really want to be as efficient as you can be with movie editing, you will want to push out that extra 200-700 dollars for a mac. Yeah you will end up paying a little bit for the mac name, but you will undoubtedly get a solid system that has great specs [a really good processor, graphics card, ect] and their customer support, from what I’ve heard, it really great. Mac also has the best movie editing programs around right now. Mac is just the “artist” pc. Like I said, you will be pushing out a lot of extra money, but it isn’t for nothing. It is always a good and solid system.

If you want to go with a PC, you need to make sure you get a PC with a good processor and at the VERY least a decent graphics card. This will end up netting you around 800 dollars in the least.

I still stand with my decision of getting a mac for what you want to do.

I am a PC though, so it’s difficult for me to say this, but it really is true. ESPECIALLY for a laptop.

I know it will be extremely difficult to get used to a mac, going from a PC, but really, it will be worth it for you. Most likely any job you will be holding, if it is film-related, will be running macs, so it would be in your best interest to get used to it.

Good luck! I hope this helps.

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