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Your Questions About Bags Netbooks | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Bags Netbooks

Mary asks…

questions about netbook laptops?

i want to replace my huge fat laptop, i need laptop that i can carry everywhere in just my book bag.
are netbooks as good as any normal laptop
do they do the same as any laptop ?
please let me know before make the wrong choice.


Netbooks are fantastic for exactly what their name implies… Surfing the ‘Net. But i would not count on using a netbook as a primary computer. They are seriously lacking in the horsepower department, and if you are using it for multitasking, watching movies, or doing anything resource intensive, you will be disappointed.

That being said, if you plan on keeping your monster laptop around for doing the grunt work, and just want something little to take to the coffee shop, a netbook might be your new best friend…

Lisa asks…

IPad Protection: Case, Sleeve , or Bag?

I recently just purchased the original iPad for $300USD, was planning to buy the iPad 2 but the price was too tempting. So I’m looking into how to protect this bad boy.

I trying to decide which of the 3 options to pick.

I would like a sleeve because of how cheap you can get them for. I can buy those generic iPad sleeves on eBay for $1-$5. and not only does it save me money but it also allows me to throw my iPad into my other bags i already have.

I really like a messenger bag that was intended for the iPad or netbooks that can fit like the Case Logic Attache series. Not only can it hold my iPad but it can provide convienant storage for boarding passes and passports because i do travel quite often and it’s a pain having to fumble around to get it out or having to hold it. (yeah I’m lazy ) the only downside is the bag i want is $40. Yeah that’s not much but i don’t really like the idea of spending that amount on a accessory.

The good thing about the case is i will always be using it and it will provide protection of the back casing of the iPad and it may provide traction when i use the iPad on a table. Only downside is it doesn’t protect the screen when it’s not in use, though i can buy those folio type cases but the cheapest one i can find that ships to New Zealand is around $30. But $10 more and i can buy the bag i want.

So can anyone will me decide which is better for my preference. I don’t need absolute protection, I’m careful with my electronics.


Look these iPad cases and sleeves http://ipadcases.name/

Jenny asks…

is a netbook a good alternative to an laptop when you have a desktop?

I’m starting college this year and I am interested in a netbook rather then the big bulky laptop. This is because I have a desk top. Id like to be able to take it around with me and netbooks are compact. I am planning on using a memory stick and it will only be for my assignments.

I am planning on getting an MSI WIND U90X 8.9IN WEB BOOK NETBOOK ATOM WINDOWS XP. It has a 120GB SATA HDD. too, the screen is only 8.9 but I would like to be able to carry it around in my bag.
As I can get one on Ebay for just £169 would you say that that is good value? I do understand that Netbooks do not have optical drives to but with a hard drive that is of know worry.


Netbooks are good as secondary computers. They are meant for basic usage (web, email, Office, etc).

Since you mentioned you have a desktop already and the netbook will be used for school assignments, it would be a good choice for you.

The netbook that you mentioned is good for the price (guessing it’s about $250 US).

Nancy asks…

Help deciding what computer to get? 10 points to best answer!?

I need some help deciding what laptop to get…I want something small, that i can fit in my backpack (i am a high school student), I want something with a DVD/CD drive, so most netbooks don’t work. I also want something that is sleek, like i said, i need something that will fit in my bag…i want something with a lot of memory (for documents and what not, after all, i am a student :D ), and that doesn’t slow down from having multiple windows open and that is also good for streaming video (youtube, etc.) I am on a budget (right now i have 103 dollars saved, just from this weekend :D just got a job, and hope to have enough saved, say, by halloween-ish?) and I want a 200 dollar accident coverage plan, because when you have 6 people and 3 dogs living in a house, accidents are bound to happen…i have lost my last 2 computers to accidents, and if, GOD forbid anything happened to my new one, i want to make sure that it is covered. taking all of that into consideration, what would you say is my best bet? i have had an HP and a Gateway, which i didn’t hate, but my HP got a blue screen and i had MAJOR issues with the cord…my dad is a computer guy, and he is a huge fan of Dell…looking at the Inspiron, but also want to keep my mind open to Samsungs, Acer, ASUS, etc…Thanks so much! 10 points to the best answer (although all answers are appreciated…:D)

PS – i also love doing skype and IM with my friends, so i need something with a quality webcam… :)


Lenovos and Dells are probably the best. I have had major issues with Acer (terrible customer service and almost all of them have a keyboard that breaks). By the way Acer owns Gateway and Emachines as well. Dells do work well as long as you take care of them. Lenovos especially the Thinkpads are built to take abuse. Just make sure you get at least 4 GB of memory and a Dual Core processor. I would recommend an Intel Core i3. When you buy one I would use Avast Free Antivirus which does a great job of preventing viruses. I would also uses Super AntiSpyware Free Edition which finds almost all Malware. Make sure you have a good registry cleaner and defagging program. These can keep your computer running the day it was new. I prefer Wise Registry Cleaner and Smart Defrag. I also use CCleaner which cleans out all junk. You can find all of these at Download.com. Remember if you treat your computer well it will treat you the same!

Robert asks…

Ipad 2 or new laptop for uni?

I know that an Ipad can’t really replace a laptop entirely but I do have my old Toshiba Satellite pro L500 that I planned on taking to uni aswell I was just wondering price wise and mobility wise if I should just get a Ipad 2 or similar product instead of a whole new laptop (and if I were to get a new laptop I would probably get a HP pavilion or HP envy). If I did get an Ipad 2 I’d probably be looking at the 32gb with wifi which is about $900 NZ. For $900 I could basically get a new laptop. But for Mobility around campus I know how ridiculously heavy my laptop is at the moment to trudge around in a bag which is why I was wondering if it would be more practical to get a more mobile, lighter device. I’ve also considered getting a tablet but haven’t really found one much better or similar to function except for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and I’m not really interested in netbooks.

Really I’d love to get both but unfortunately my bank account doesn’t permit that option.

thanks :)


Ipad is ok for university since you’ve got numerous handwriting apps such as http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/note-taker-hd/id366572045?mt=8 and you don’t really need alot of processing power in class.
I guess the best option for you is to get an ipad ( or a cheaper tablet) and use a desktop at home.

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