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Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops India | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops India

William asks…

Help! My laptop doesn’t recognize my DSL modem…?

My laptop crashed and I had to reinstall Windows XP. Now when I go to use the installation CD that came with my DSL modem, it can’t find the modem (even though everything is hooked up). DSL is connected directly to the laptop. Called Yahoo DSL help and the girl in India knew less about computers than I do! Obviously, I can’t sign onto the internet to download any drivers or other software. I can’t even get it to recognize the internal modem.

What can I do?
I called tech support and they told me to go to the site and download drivers! Hah, problem is I can’t get online so now I have to beg a friend to use their computer to download the drivers and try to reinstall…

Will keep you updated.


First things first, are you using an Ethernet connection or USB connection. I advise you to use Ethernet if you can, and here are the following steps to resolve this kind of issue.

Put your XP CD back into your computer. Right click My Computer, click Properties. Click the hardware tab, press device manager. There are two scenarios here:

Click the Network adapters (green icon). Right click your Ethernet controller, choose uninstall. To put it back, go to Action at the top, choose Scan for hardware changes. This requires you to have your drivers or your Windows XP CD.


You will see an “Ethernet controller” with a yellow question mark, right click on this, choose Update drivers.

Let me know if you are still having issues by posting additional details to this question.

Betty asks…

Portable/laptop Power options power schemes some options are missing..?

Note : Opearting system is Windows XP..

Some of the options are missing in my laptop

1. Stand by mode is inactive in start–>turn off computer option – HOW TO ACTIVATE THIS?

2a) In the power options–>Power schemes, Advanced Hybernate and UPS tabs are there.
In the power schemes I have viewed the text “Select the power…. the selected scheme” then Power Schemes (I setted as Portable/laptop) and then Settings for Portable/Lapton power scheme, under Portable/Lapton power scheme tab my laptop have only two options Turn off monitor (After 15 mins) and Turn off hard disks (After 30 mins). Below this table an empty space is there and then OK, cancel and apply buttons asusual. I think some of the options are missing here.. I dont know what are the options are missing … I gues battory settings are missing — HOW TO RECOVER THIS

2b) Under the advanced tab i view the text “Select the power-saving…. want to use” then “Optiobs”. Under this menu, only one options is there “Always show icon on the taskbar” (I tick this option). under this i cant view anything and a full of this window is blank – I THINK SOME OF THE OPTIONS ARE MISSING HOW TO RECOVER THIS?

2c) I think Hibernate and UPS are as usual and no problem this menu’s. (i didnt tick Enable hibernation)

3) In the toolbar at the bottom right corner of the screen the battery icon is missing, it always showed a plug icon and indicating “on AC power” even power is shoutdown.

4) now the laptop is generating more heat, then if i press the fan switch its not working and the fan light is not turned on. So I gues its not work.



Thanks jay, system not opening in SAFE MODE my laptop. How to start the system in safe mode.


Best thing reinstall Power Management. It wont affect your software configuration.

Following are the steps:

# Connect the AC power adapter to the notebook then remove the battery.
# Restart the notebook PC in Windows Safe Mode by repeatedly pressing the F8 key when the HP or Compaq logo appears. Select Safe Mode from the Start Menu by using the arrow keys.
# In Safe Mode, click Start then right-click My Computer . Select Properties from the list.
# Click the Hardware tab then click the Device Manager button.
# Click the plus sign next to System Devices then remove the listings for ACPI Power Button and ACPI System Button

Let me know with the results….. You can contact me on afzal.jay@gmail.com

Richard asks…

question about operating system?

i am from india. i know a lot of people here in india who do not purchase an operating system even if they buy new PC or laptop. even i bought a new PC and i havent purhased an operating system coz my dealer gave me the pc with windows p installed. now he didnt charged me for the OS becoz i think it wasnt original copy with him
so my question is is it legal for me to use the windows xp OS without paying anything for it?


Most probably you are using a pirated copy of windows. However if the disc from which XP was installed bears the original Microsoft logo and Windows symbol and also a license, it could be that the OS came bundled with your computer, in that case the person installing it would not ask for any extra charge as the cost is already included with entire package.

As far as legality is concerned, it is perfectly legal if the copy of Windows came bundled with your PC (remember the disc should bear the logos and it should be with you) but if it is pirated it is not at all legal to use it, and Microsoft will catch you anytime you try to update or validate your copy online.

If it was bundled with your PC you should have a original Windows XP license sticker somewhere on your computer(check under the battery cover for laptops and on the cpu cabinets for desktops). Its quite an attractive sticker, you shouldn’t miss it.

Carol asks…

laptop purchase for first time?

Dear All, kindl tell me as to which Laptop Model in HP/Lenovo/sony do i go in, for a high speed and long lasting battery bakup with all latest features, from New Delhi India and which OS do I insist to be loaded in to it i.e windows 7 / vistas /windows xp.
plz guide me as I will be buying it for the first time in my life.
Also I have heard that the Life of Laptop is not more than 4yrs, is it true ? if so then why is it so?
Gratefully yours


I willl suggest you to buy HP Pavilion DV4-2101TU Laptop costing just Rs.40000. This laptop has the following configuration : WIndows 7 Home Premium, 14.1″ inch (1366*768 pixels) LED Backlit Display, Intel Core i3-330M Processor (2.13 GHz, 1066MHZ FSB, 3MB L2 Cache), Integrated Intel GMA 4500 Graphics, 3GB RAM, 320GB HDD, DVD Writer, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, 5-in-1 Memory Card Reader, 2 Stereo Speakers, Finger print reader, WebCam with Microphone.

Sandy asks…

BT Home Hub 2 pile of cr@p?

I used to have the home hub 1 – no problems. Then upgraded to home hub2. My laptop just refuses to connect wirelessly to it. It just does not appear in the list of available wirelss networks. I’ve spent many a happy hour on the phone to the idiots in India. They get it working for a day or so and then the same problem appears. It usuall involved restting the hub and rebooting the laptop a few times.
I’m running windows XP pro sp3
Anyone else had this problem and managed to get it to work?
Grateful for any help I’ve run out of hair to pull out.
Wuffle – Already tried everything you suggest. No joy
Gimli – Sorry to upset you but I was given that as a “solution” 1 month ago by India. It worked for a day.

I can connect wirelessly quite happily to any other router it’s just the BT home hub2


I have a home-hub 2 and I have had the Home-hub one as well.
One of the most common problems is the wireless adaptor control in the laptop.

I assume you can connect with Ethernet or USB successfully.

You should check that your software is set it to allow windows to manage the Wireless connections.

Security settings can be a problem turn them off and try again!

Check WZC is running (Windows Zero Control) Details here:-


SP3 is notorious for causing connection problems for wireless setup and only One wireless control should be in operation.

What wireless connector are you running in the laptop?

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