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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Affordable Laptops

Michael asks…

What are the cheapest laptops available that can sustain an mmorpg?

Im not asking for the best performance, I just want to know the most affordable laptops that can atleast sustain an mmorpg, dont mind a little lag


Acers are pretty cheap and are fairly small. They are usually from 250-350 dollars.
Hope i helped:)

Mandy asks…

Where can I get a good affordable laptop?

I am in desperate need to find an affordable laptop as soon as possible because I will be headed back to college and I need to find a replacement laptop asap!

I will be ever so grateful if you could help me with my search.


Best Buy or Future Shop are the best places to buy cheap and affordable laptops.

Lizzie asks…

Affordable laptops???? Christmas!?

ok so i want a laptop for Christmas and to guarantee that I will get one it has to be affordable ($700-900).

-definitely fast
-stores A LOT of memory
-easy to navigate firewall (Norton, McAfee, System Suite [preferably the ones listed])

Help me out because my brothers laptop was $900 and its a dell.
I would prefer like an HP or Sony or Dell.



Sony or Dell, I would never buy an hp/compaq I have seen more problems with that brand than any other, to much bloatware, poor construction and parts. Stay away or you will be sorry. Sony’s seem over priced to me (it is like they try to be the Mac of the PC world). With a Dell you can probably custom build exactly what you want. Go with the business models they hold up better.

Also a lesser known but awesome brand is Acer, My Toshiba (stay away from these as well) and I need a notebook fast and inexpensive. It is a great laptop going strong for two years, and it was 600.

Lisa asks…

What is the best quality, yet most affordable laptop?

Im looking for a good affordable laptop. Im hoping to find one that comes with a writing program in it, but I know I probably have to download one. thanks
Also, how would I go about getting security put into it?


There are tons of “basic laptops” available in the market with decent specs. You should at least buy a reputable brand to ensure quality.

Jenny asks…

What is the most realiable and affordable laptop out there?

I have a toshiba laptop which cost about 1500 and it has given me nothing but trouble. It always has to be fixed and im sick of it. Its something usually with the power/battery/ac adapter that is wrong.

What realiable laptops are out there under 1000?
i refuse to buy another toshiba computer


I would suggest Dell labtops. They are the most reliable labtops out there. They have outstanding performance and good consumer report ratings at an affordable price. You can get a basic one for around $450 (Inspiron B130). If you’re into entertainment and music you can get one for around $700, look for either the Insipron E1505, E1705, or E1405 models. Each have different options. Check out their website www.dell.com

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