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Your Questions About Low Price Laptops For Students | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Low Price Laptops For Students

David asks…

I want to but a laptop.?

Which is a best brand? Which brand has good service facility in Mumbai?Is uis OK to buy a low priced madel for MBA student or one should go for Sony VIOA etc.,


Go for Dell

Carol asks…

what labtop is right for me???

I’m a college student talking all online classes and need the convenience of a laptop. I’ve talked with some people about what I should use and I was told to get a Dell Latitude. Any more advice about what I should get. I’m looking for a low price because I’m a poor college student. Advice would be great.
im really thinking that it would be better to get a dell because thats what i’ve used and i’ve never had problems with it. i would like to stick with that one. is that a good or bad thing???


Http://www.apple.com/macbook/ i think this one should work perfectly and is not so expensive [well, i dunno how much were u thinking about] and if you need something cheaper, go to newegg.com they have laptops starting on $299 or somethin’

Charles asks…

I want to buy a Good laptop for Highschool? Suggestions and Tips?!?

I want to buy a new Laptop for School, I will probably need Vista Ultimate or Student. I would like an integrated webcam, But Whatever. I have 400+ dollars to spend but if the price is low, it’s just better. Thanks!


Hm. You might need to save up a little money first. What I would consider a quality laptop costs a little more than 400+ dollars. Maybe 800+ would be more realistic.

Nancy asks…

Upgrading to new laptop, what do you recommend?

I need to upgrade to a new laptop but not sure what to look at?
I have an HP zv6000 that I got about 3 years ago, it’s done what I’ve needed although sometimes it is a bit to big although manageable and the battery life is no where close to what I would hope for
I have looked at dell latitudes and ibm/lenovo thinkpads because they claim to have excellent battery life… although I’m open to anything…
so break down:
use: internet, MS office 2007, movies, music and basic basic games
min hard drive: hopefully atleast 100 although 80 would probably suffice as that is what i have right now if it meant other features and much lower price
battery life: atleast 3 hours (of realistic use, wifi, word open etc.) so i can take notes in classes or watch a movie on a plane trip
price range: $800-$850 is pretty much about my max as I’m a student and don’t have a ton of extra money, would love somethin cheaper but not sure how realistic that is based on types of laptops..
So any reccomendations would be appreciated, what brands to and not to look at, specific models, etc.
thanks :)
15.4 is pretty much the max size i’d consider, not to worried about weight tho
and I would look at refurb/outlet overstock etc. as long as they had a warranty option.


I would highly suggest not to go for dell and lenova, as they have the worst customer support. I would suggest Hp Compaq, since i have been using it for 9 years and they have excellent customer support. Based upon your information i made a custom compaq laptop for you. Take a look you might like it.


Paul asks…

Where can a student coming from a severely low-income family receive a laptop/macbook?

I am a senior in high school, and my parents can’t afford to help me out with a laptop, but the money I saved from working is going towards my tuition and hopes to get a car to get to and from school. My parents can’t help me, both are disabled, and are broke because of surgeries. I have to buy my own necessities(not trying to guilt anyone or anything, just don’t want people to think my own money from working isn’t going to a good cause). Is there anywhere I could get a laptop, or a macbook for college? I would prefer not to take out a student loan for one, but I am taking AP Literature and AP Bio, and they both highly recommend personal laptops; and I want one to last through college, or at least make it there. Please let me know if there are any places( I live in Maine ) that could help me out or give a discount. I have been saving up for a macbook for all the student and educational programs they offer, but the price tag of $1,200 is not appealing… Also, the Craigslist around my area is filled with scammers… Thank you very much!
The thing is… the college that accepted me runs almost all Mac programs… That’s the bummer part…


If you are short of cash then you should have a look at Dell and HP laptops. They have a lot for good prices. If you are only going to be doing word processing and web surfing then there is really no need to buy a macbook.

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