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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For Students | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Affordable Laptops For Students

John asks…

ideal laptop for students?

whats an ideal laptop for a student, i dont really know the specifics about the computer but it needs to be able to

-firm and sturdy
-hold enough space for projects
-enough space for some music
-wireless internet in cafes
-cheap and affordable
it would be best if its something on sale

nothing too fancy
i change my mind, i already have a ipod, so i dont need space for music


Well it won’t store your music but it’ll do everything else.

The asus eeepc

small, less than 1kg

cheap – about $500aud

wireless internet – up to 54mbit

low storage – only 4gb, but can be expanded

very durable because it’s hard drive is a solid state hdd and has no moving parts

but it only has 4gb of storage built in and run’s linux so won’t run windows programs, but it will run open office (free version of microsoft office and does everything ms’s version does, perfect for a student) and thousands of other linux programs can be downloaded from the internet for free

but you can plug in SD cards and thumbdrives to increase the storage

i’m also a student so i’m getting a 160gb ipod and this notebook so i can have my music and a small ocmputer.

One last thing, 16gb sd cards can be found on ebay for about $100aud so if you want more storage, go for one of them

Helen asks…

A good and affordable laptop?

Hi, I’m a student and wants to have a laptop below $600. I’m going to use it daily for school stuff and a little gaming.
* I hate netbooks
Thanks! :)


I would stay away from Dell, and emachine laptops they are made too cheaply and break easily.

Most of the laptops you see at walmart are cheap emachines and acers, there wireless cards are very poor for repeption power and ease of use.

I would got with a toshiba satellite laptop i have had a few of them and find they work the best.

Chris asks…

What’s a good Multimedia Laptop for a Digital Media student?

I’ll be mainly doing animation and 3D modelling work in University as an Undergraduate, so could someone please recommend me a high performance but relatively affordable laptop? Not really into desktop replacements unless it’s really good. Should I get PC or MacBook? If PC, please recommend one with Vista pre-installed, I’m too lazy to do upgrade from XP. If MacBook, please convince me why. Thank you.


Pal, MAcbooks or MB pros are the tailor made solution for you cos its always been famous for you task. Besides it can now run Windows OS so there wont be any “MACBOOKS DONT HAVE SOFTWARE” issues. I recommend you get a MAcbook Pro, but then Macbook is also fine.

Donna asks…

Good and affordable laptop?

I’m a student and I’m looking for a affordable but good laptop. I don’t do much.. internet and download music. My budget is 230$. Were can i get a laptop for that price and what brand?


No way a laptop, but a netbook sounds right for you. I choose the Asus Eee PC 1001PXD
Now it’s a refurb, but that means old case, new hard drive, cleaning the dust out, making sure it works, new battery, etc. If it’s not enough performance, buy 2 GB of Ram for 30 bucks.
Netbooks are not the wimpy little laptops people make them to be. Just take good care of it and you’ll be fine.

Sandy asks…

What’s the ideal computer for an architecture student?

I need a high speed, efficient laptop that can run CAD softwares easily. I am thinking the 15 or 17 inch MacBook Pro will fit my priorities.But, is there any other affordable laptop that can run CAD softwares easily?
Also, what desktop computers can you recommend that are good for an architecture student?


I’m currently studying architecture at University too, and have a laptop that is going on 1 and a half years old. It still runs up to date software, though granted I did pay 600 for this at the time.

Like the previous answer stated most laptops will run the software nowadays, even if you spend as little as 300 pounds.

My girlfriend has had one from argos for 350, an acer and it runs it fine.

So i would not worry about the cad software, look at what other uses you want out of it. How long you want it to last etc =]

If it is just for the cad software, I can tell you all you need really is 2 gigabytes of ram at minimum, ideally 3.

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