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Your Questions About Laptops Under 300 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Laptops Under 300

Mary asks…

what is best laptop for under 300 $?

i am in high school and i game a little bit and want a nice fast speed laptop but a netbook.
i want a laptop with a cd reader also


If you want a DVD/CD drive built-in, you will need to buy a laptop.

Additional important things for you to consider are how important battery life is to you, how big of a screen do you want, and what type of operating system you plan to use.

If you really want long battery life, I would recommend getting a smaller sized laptop or a netbook. I’m not sure how big of a screen you are looking for, but the ASUS EEE 1000he has great battery life and also a 11″ display.

It has enough power to do all of the things that you had listed, as well as the things you would typically need for school work. It has the necessities of built in Wi-Fi, built in webcam, Windows XP instead of Vista and so on. It also has a pretty affordable price.

More details on this ASUS EEE 1000he, as well as advice and info about other laptops and netbooks that should fit within your budget, is at the link below.

Sandra asks…

Looking for a laptop/netbook under £300 with 1.3 webcam or more?

The only requirement i have is for there to be a built in webcam, it doesnt have to have anything else
Just a laptop with a good webcam



My mum bought me a really nice and cool laptop for £200 it’s so good i don’t understand why the price went down.Mum say’s they said they went down because allot of people couldn’t afford it so they lowed the money.It is a windows 7 lenvo intel pentium inside with a Camera built inside it.It’s amazing im in love with my laptop lol.Its from pc world.It’s really easy to set up as well once your on it connect it to your internet give your laptop a password and name then it’s finished and ready for it to be made more of your own.

George asks…

What is a good video camera for under $300?

I want a video camera for under $300. My top priority is video quality. I realize I’m not going to get amazing quality for the price, but I want to know what video camera has the best quality for under $300. I also want lots of battery life, really good memory, and be easy to connect and upload videos to my laptop. My primary use for a video camera is to film dirtbike riding, outdoor fun, or just around the house type junk. I have Windows, if that helps. Thanks


Hi Jake!
Your best bet is the Panasonic SDR-S26 for $280.

* Records via SD Card (32GB)

* 70x Optical Zoom with Advanced O.I.S. Close-up shots w/ reduced hand shake.

* iA Mode w/ Face Detection. Captures faces in dim or backlit scenes.

* YouTube Uploader. Shoot video and upload to YouTube

My brother has one and he loves it! He got it from http://offto.net/onsalecom/
They have the best price around and their customer service is excellent.
Hope this helps!

Lisa asks…

I’m ging of to college… what is the best laptop for under 300 (not netbook)?



James asks…

Where and what type of laptop can I get for under $300?

I do homework, work, play online poker, email, surf the net, download music (not movies). I don’t need it for the big games or anything like that.


Seriously doubt you’ll get a new one for that price but search your local paper or e-bay for a good second hand one.

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