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Your Questions About Laptops Under 300 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Laptops Under 300

Maria asks…

Can you get a decent laptop for under $300?


Maybe not new.
But I bought a laptop used off of ebay a few months over a year ago. And it runs fine, just got to wait and find the best one on there, once you find it you buy it.

Laura asks…

A good laptop for under 300 dollars?

HI im looking for a laptop with atleast 1.5 ghz proscessor and 1 gb of ram and i dont care about hd space any ideas thanks
i dont care about age


Try MSI Wind

Paul asks…

what is the best laptop available for under $300?

(no netbooks)


A very very VERY crappy old Dell laptop with 512MB RAM and XP.

Ken asks…

What is the best laptop for Internet and email for under 300 $.?

I want a laptop cause my dad never gets off the Computer to play a game on the internet. the laptop has to be a descent Computer With basic functions like wifi and hd screen but dosnt need to be fancy. i dont care if it is balk. i would rather have a cd drive other than a netbook. thank you


You can’t get much for $300, other than a netbook. You may be able to get a refurbished from Tigerdirect.com.

James asks…

Where can i buy a laptop that is 320GB and is under 300 dollars?

Looking for something decent and nice between 320 and 250 though worth my money.
With a DVD and CD reader with option to burn on music.
Thanks very much!!!! ;-)


When you consider that with a USB port, you can add ALL the external portable storage you want, and then you can KEEP on adding all the external portable storage you want… The size of your internal laptop hard drive becomes irrelevant. Windows Vista and Windows 7 take up around 5 gb. XP takes up less than that. You add in the software you need, and you might be looking at 40 to 60gb.

Now. You want to put your music somewhere? Why would you put it on the hard drive inside the computer? What is going to happen when the OS gets fragged with Malware and Spyware and a Virus or three, and you have to reinstall your OS, and you LOSE ALL THAT MUSIC? Ok, it might be movies. It might be games. However, regardless of what it might be, the fact of the matter is that every professional in the business of computers will agree that when it comes to media of any kind, it is better to put it on a separate drive, and preferably a portable one. This way, if for any reason whatsoever, you have to reinstall Windows, you do not have to touch your media in any way.

So, why not reconsider the ONLY specification you are asking about here? Whether or not your new potential laptop has a 320gb hard drive, or a 250gb hard drive, or a 160gb hard drive is not all that important. How smart you are about where you put the things you want to save, is FAR more important.


And… You are far more likely to find something with a 40gb hard drive, for the money you want to spend. Just want to get you ready for that. Want to see?


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