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Your Questions About Net Books Laptops Dell | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Net Books Laptops Dell

Lizzie asks…

Are Dell minis any good?

I’m a fashion stylist and travel around a lot. My upcoming event will be going to Germany in the spring time. I have a Mac Book now and don’t plan on taking it with me. I was thinking of either getting a net book or a mini laptop. I was looking into the Dell minis, and wondering if they’re all that good. I’m mostly going to use it for checking email and internet. I’m not going to be saving big files or anything like that, so I won’t need a lot of ram. And if you don’t like the Dell, may you please suggest any other net book or mini laptop that would work well?



Dell minis are fantastic. I always carry extras with me when I’m on the run. People are always like, “Hey can I have some Dell minis.”

Sandra asks…

Dell or Toshiba laptop, Intel or AMD Turion?

Thru this site, I learned that a laptop rather than a net book was better for me to travel. I am now looking at a Dell or a Toshiba. I’m trying to decide which processor to select that will last me about 5 years w/o trouble, Intel or AMD Turion. Also, I have a Dell desktop, and I’ve had trouble with the monitor. I’m wondering if I should try a Toshiba as I’m reading troublesome reviews about Dell. Any advice I receive would be very much appreciated! Maggie J, retired secretary


Get a toshiba they are very relaible and Intel proceesers are slightly better than Amd as intel have been around a LOT longer than amd. Hope this helps

Donna asks…

I’m getting a mini laptop which is better the dell mini 9 on the mini 12?

tell me which I should get or any other net book.


For the price, unless you need a larger HDD I would get the 9.

Mark asks…

Netbook wireless connection problem?

I have a net book, dell mini. Just had Verizon installed. Its there router that we are using, It works fine for my laptop but i cant get the net book to work. To the best of my knowledge there is no operating system(there shouldn’t be with a net book, but tech guy was pushing that there was).

one problem i see is that the router says there needs to be a 40/64 bit connection, but the book dosen’t have that
what do i do. thanks


I have 3 O.S.es on my netbook, Windows 7 starter, Windows Vista (only partition to hold recovery), and eeebuntu (linux). Wireless is built-in and it connects right up to my wireless router. Maybe they configured the router to only allow that laptop to access the router. If you have access to the documentation to the router you can check the settings. Like does it use MAC filtering or some other such nonsense to prevent your netbook from connecting. There could be many reasons why it doesn’t connect. Looks like you have a lot more reading to do.

Linda asks…

My laptop key won’t stick back on?

Okay about a year ago i got this dell laptop,well a net book but they keys snap on and off easily, so a few months ago i was cleaning my keyboard and a little plastic clip broke off the back of the key, so for a few months i’v been using small amounts of glue from a glue stick to make it stay, it worked pretty well until now. now it just pops right back up when i put it back on with new glue ( i do clean the old glue off) but now it wont stay, and its embarrassing to have a missing key from my laptop when i go to school and stuff any solutions?


Dell laptops have very poorly made and designed keyboards. That happens with EVERY Dell laptop I’ve seen for a while. The only way to fix it (temporarily) is to replace the keyboard. I hope you have a warranty…

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