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Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops Uk | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops Uk

Mandy asks…

Windows XP/Linux expert needed!?

Hello to all!

I’m running windows XP home version on my laptop. I’ve completly run it into the ground with too many programmes and downloads etc. Now the system won’t run any CD’s/DVD’s and does’nt regognise the CD/DVD driver and i can’t roll back the driver in devices cus basically the whole PC is just…….f**ked!

I’ve done loads of system restores, driver roll backs and systems recoveries but it’s just not having any of it! Now i just want to re-intsall WIndows and start again. The only problem is that i can’t find the original XP cd. Or does anyone recommend installing Linux? I’ve heard it’s free – will it run my CD/DVD drive? Will it run other popular programmes? I don’t really care if i loose the original programmes as i can re-install them all if Linux will let me.

Can anyone help/advise? I just want my laptop working again. I can’t afford to buy a new one cus everybody says theres a global reccession on the go and we all have to save our pennies!

a) Can i fix it?
b) How do i do it?
c) Is it worth it?

Many thanks, Craig, Worcester, UK.


Well Craig I am glad you stated where you are,
Worcestershire has it own Linux user group all the better for you.. You are on the right track, Linux will do everything you want it to do and more besides, it puts windows to shame

You need to download any of the 2009 versions of Linux, the most popular one is Ubuntu followed by Mandriva, Opensuse. Fedora, Debian, all with two different types desktops,GUI’s KDE and Gnome, Gnome being the easier of the two

Linux is made for the laptops you will have no problems with hardware drivers, if your system as 128mb of ram then fine anything over is better still, with a 20GB hard drive again anything bigger the better, the software for Linux is free. Anything software wise for windows Linux has as two of

check out the web-links below

Mark asks…

Can anyone help me with fixing windows XP and connecting it to WIFI?

I had an old laptop that was running windows vista but its cpu couldn’t cope with vista and it didi not have enough ram. I purchased a new one and decided to install windows XP so i could give it to my younger cousin. The installation went fine, however i can not figure out how to connect it to Sky wifi, as there is no simple way like on vista or Windows 7.

First can anyone help me with that?

Secondly, it can not play cd’s as windows media player says there is no sound device. When vista was installed its speakers worked fine and it played cd’s. There IS a sound card installed

Can you answer these 2 questions about the wifi and sound?

Also the USB ports don’t work for some reason, but that also happened before I installed XP.I don’t think its the hardware though.

This is the computer spec, except it has 2G of ram as I upgraded it:


This is the version of XP I used with service pack 3:


First of all,

You shouldn’t be posting what pirated copy of Windows XP you have used.

Secondly, You are most likely missing drivers for all your devices. You can check that by going into device manager. To go into device manage do the following:

Right click on my computer–>click on properties–>click on the hardware tab–>click on device Manager.

When there check out all the devices that have either an exclamation mark or a question mark. To find the drivers for each device you need to go here:


Moreover to find audio drivers go here:


To get Wireless drivers go here:


To Manage wireless client go here:


To get USB drivers please run the utility “Everest ultimate” which will tell you your chipset and from there you can go download the drivers on intel’s website.

Hope this helps

Jenny asks…

Samsung R520 with Windows XP x64?

Can someone tell me Exactly if Windows XP x64bit will work on the Samsung R520 Laptop


Windows XP 64bit will run on this system, but my questions are:

Why would you want 64bit?
64bit is for systems that run 4 or more GB of RAM, the problem with 64bit is that the software you want to run has to be 64bit. This problem can cause a lot of driver / software problems. 32bit does not have these problems but it will only use 3GB of your systems RAM.

Why do you want XP 64bit when Windows 7 is in the package?
Windows 7 is much more stable and you can see the difference in speed.

Last, i’m not sure the system is capable of downgrade. You might want to ask that before you buy it. Not every system is down gradable.

Mary asks…

i have a windows vista laptop, i caint find any sims games for windows vista, help?

i live in the uk, and i really want the sims life stories because it is laptop friendly, but ive looked everyware, and i caint seem to find one i do have a PC which is windows XP but if that gets ruined ill get really shouted at. please please help.


Life stories wil run just fine under vista
xp is nothing more then windows nt 5.1 and vista is nothing more then nt 6.0
i would not go so far as saying that vista is actually better ( 80% of the windows users are sticking with xp or lower) but most games wil work under vista

Lizzie asks…

how to set up windows live email address on windows live mail?

I am trying to set up a windowslive.co.uk email address on windows live mail. I have got this set up on my laptop which is running Windows XP. I cannot get the same email address to work on the desktop which is running Windows Vista.

I have copied the settings exactly as they are on the laptop but am not able to get the email address to work on the desktop.

In the properties setting for the account under general I have got my name then full email address, in servers I have got incoming server as pop3.live.com outgoing is smtp.live.com, I then got email user name which is the first part of the email address then password.

The out going mail is 25 and got the box checked that says the server requires a secure connection (SSL) The incoming mail is 995 I have checked the box for server requires a secure connection.

This is the set up the same as the XP laptop but I am not able to get the email address to work on the desktop.

All help will be appreciated.


To set up a POP3 configuration for one account on two computers, you need to remember to select the option to “Leave a copy of messages on the server” on BOTH computers. Otherwise when an email comes through, only one computer will download it and delete it from the server before the other computer tries to do the same.

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