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Your Questions About Intel Atom N450 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Intel Atom N450

Michael asks…

What is the operating Temperature of the intel atom n450?

just wondering


According to the Intel spec. Sheet the T junction temperature is 100 degrees C. That is the temp. It will shut down at. Of course you shouldn’t even come close to this unless you’ve had a fan go out or some major equipment failure.

I am assuming we are talking about a laptop? Notebook computers are notorious for running a little hotter than if the same equipment was in a desktop computer case for obvious reasons. I would expect that at idle your cpu temp would be no higher than 40 C and optimally would be a lot closer to 30 C. At a full load I would think the highest temp you would see would be around 60 C. I looked around on the internet and the above info is fairly standard with what I saw.

With what program are you monitoring your temps? I have included a second link for a free and legal program you might want to try. The third link is the software I run. I think you can try a free version.

Daniel asks…

Does core temp support the intel atom n450 cpu?

and also should i use the installer or the 32bit.zip file

and would it mess up my netbook


I think you’ve asked this question before. It won’t hurt your netbook, but it is competely useless on a netbook.

David asks…

What is the difference between intel atom n280 and the n450?

Was looking at this sony cw2111ax/t comes with the n450, 10. lcd display, 1GB memory,250GB HD, motion webcam, blue tooth, windows 7 starter etc for $399.99 is this a good price?


Well, here is what Intel says about the N280


And here is what Intel says about the N450


Essentially, the 280 is a 32bit chip that only draws 2.5 watts. The 450 is a 64 bit chip that draws 5.5 watts. Otherwise, they are the same speed and cache.

The 280 was launched the first quarter of 2009, the 450 was launched the first quarter of 2010… So the 450 is a newer design.

End of line

Mandy asks…

What graphic card is better to play rumble fighter Intel(R) Atom(TM) N450 or Intel(R) Pentium 4?

I’m asking this because rumble fighter will not work on my computer.So i was wondering which one is better.


The video requirements seem quite low to me.


If you are trying to run this on an integrated video chip you may well be having problems due to a low RAM allotment. You may have to dig into your BIOS settings and raise the limit to 64MB or more. You could also buy a cheap video card (under $50 should do fine almost anything with 64 MB RAM or more). I am assuming here that you are not using a netbook.

The Atom as a CPU is not very good at much more than simple surfing and text. It is coupled with a series of IGP that are only slightly better than the last. As most of the Atoms are in netbooks, video options are severely limited, so YMMV. The P4 is listed as a recommended CPU choice and should only be limited by the video chip used.

Good luck.

Maria asks…

Does Intel Atom N450 support AutoCad 2006?

I want to buy an Acer Aspire One 532. It has Atom N450 (512 KB L2 cache, 1.66 GHz, DDR2 667 MHz), DDR2 667 MHz 1 GB RAM, 160 GB SATA HDD.
I use mainly cad programmes, specifically autocad. This netbook operates on Windows XP SP3, will AutoCad 2006 run? And if runs, how will it perform?
Please advise, as I want a lighweight portable laptop.


I doubt that a netbook running a Atom N450 Windows XP, with 1GB of ram will even run your AutoCad 2006 software efficiently. You definitely need a laptop or desktop computer for that software. A netbook is only for basic internet, email etc. Not recommended for Autocad 2006 software.

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