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Your Questions About Cheap Laptops Under 500 Dollars | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Cheap Laptops Under 500 Dollars

Robert asks…

Best Cheap Laptop out of these four?

Yeah, I can finally afford a cheap laptop, and it’ll be from Wal-mart cause I just got a fifty dollar gift card there. My price range is under 500, and I want an actual Laptop, not a netbook. Here’s what Wal-mart has:

Toshiba 15.6″ Satellite L455D-S5976 for $398, I trust the brand name and it’s in my price range.

HP 15.6″ Pavilion G61-511wm for $498, I’ve heard okay things about HP, but since this tops my price range and I’m a teenager with no source of income, I really don’t think this is it unless y’all tell me that the others REALLY suck.

Compaq Black 15.6″ Presario CQ61-310US for $478- Again, top of my price range, and I haven’t heard much from Compaq. Even for a budget laptop, the features seem pretty minimal.

Acer 15.6″ AS5517-5136 for $348- Seems okay to me, but I don’t know much about Acer.

I need a laptop to do Schoolwork, handle media, and lots of internet. I know that budget laptops are usually pretty minimal, and I’ve come to accept that. What I need to know is, which of these do you recommend/not recommend, and why?

Here’s the links on Wally World-





I do a lot of multi-tasking.

Please, guys. I really need an answer.


DON’T BUY COMPAQ believe me.

I would go for toshiba . They all can handle media, and lots of internet but at
difference speed so it’s your choice on that.

Chris asks…

What would be a good cheap laptop for a teen?

I’m fourteen and I just got a good load of money for a new laptop. I’m looking for one in the 500-600 dollar range. I want 1.6-20 ghz, 2mb of ram 120 mb hard drive a dvd burner r/w (it would be nice but i dont need it) a decent video card and nothing under a 15.4 inch screen. If a computer expert could help me that would be awesome. I also might be playing one or two older games on this computer ( call of duty 1, nfs underground) so i need a computer that can hold thouse. Thanks in advance!


Good choice here http://www.dell.com/content/products/category.aspx/notebooks?c=us&cs=19&l=en&s=dhs#subcats=&navla=55846~0~879657&navidc=Laptop%20Screen%20Size&navValc=15.4″&a=55846~0~879657

Sandy asks…

Good WoW laptop under $600?

I play World of Warcraft, and my mom is always complaining that the 10GB file size is going to kill our computer or something. I think the only solution is getting a laptop that can atleast run wow on low setting with minimal lag. My desktop has 512 mb of RAM, and lags all the time, just tiny lags, when I enter a capital city for the first time, or instances, etc. I think my max budget is around 500-600 dollars. I’ll have to mow lawns and work and stuff for that even. I just want someone to recommend a cheap, but good laptop. 512 MB of RAM is good, but 1 Gb would be better. If it doesn’t ship with 1 gb, how about an expansion bay for more RAM?


This one, will run it pretty good. And it got 2GB of ram :)


And costs 500 dollars.

Steven asks…

i have two question ?

how much can i get for a psp that was only used 3 time and has a game and memory stick and where can i get a cheap laptop but good brand name like under 500 dollars


For the psp, maybe around $100. I sold my used PSP on ebay for $140 (3 games and memory stick + like new).

As for buying a brand name laptop. Try checking the company website. My brother bought a brand new Dell PC off the Dell website for a great deal. If not, try Walmart, Bestbuy, circuit city etc… You could buy them on eBay for a super great deal, but i would not recommend it (most are refurbished or used)

Charles asks…

whats the cheapest place to get a laptop without vista but its still new?

I plan on getting a computer soon but i don’t want the new windows vista. Do you know where I can get a new compuer wihtout vista but still under my 500 dollar price range?


That is one of the things Dell is advertising. They are higher priced for a machine that would be decently configured. Look on Computer Geeks site. Sometimes they have decent prices on refurbished. Nothing wrong with them, in fact can be a good thing since bad or questionable component has been caught and replaced.

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