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Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops India | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops India

Mark asks…

place to buy media center tv remote and tuner card?

i have windows xp media center laptop(boght from new york).where can i buy the remote to record tv and what other equipments to record tv in india?


U can find this stuff at any authorised dealer in any city of India.

William asks…

wireless connection?

My laptop is not able to connect to the wireless Internet. It shows that it is connected to wireless Internet and signal strength is excellent but it it does not open web browser or any IM. Even when I insert the LAN cable directly it does not work. It worked in USA but now in India it is not working. I took it to a friend’s place in India and it worked there. He did something and now the desktop on same connection shows that there is conflict of IP address with other system on network. My laptop is windows XP.


Sounds like your friend hard coded an IP address into the laptop.
Control Panel > Network icon
Find the wireless card and right click on it and select Properties
In the list on install protocols you should see TCP/IP
Select TCP/IP and click the Properties button
See whether it is set to obtain an IP address automatically or to use one that has been typed in.
If there is an IP address typed in, write down the information first
Then change it to “obtain one” instead

Thomas asks…

i work with Hadicap people in Germany and i need one laptop without any paying for?

i am rahul from india and i working in Germany as a social worker for the Handicap people , and need laptop without any money to pay because i dont have so much money to buy .
but i need this laptop to keep the information and many other office work to do . so please help me to find out this laptop .
laptop 2.33GHz 1gb Ram 160Gb HDD DvD writer windows xp


You could try and get some sort of grant for it

David asks…

How to change Region code of DVD player in Dell Laptop?

Hi, I recently reinstalled the OS (Windows XP Home Premium) on my Dell Laptop(Inspiron 5150). After that I am unable to play any CDs or DVDs in the DVD+RW drive(manufacturer:NEC). I saw that the Region of the Player is set to 1. I want to reset it to 5 as I am located in India now(I had bought the laptop in the US earlier). I checked that my user has Administrator Privileges(from Control Panel –> User Accounts). I also have Changes Remaining = 4 , in the DVD Player. There, when I tried to change the region to 5, it gives error with message “DVD Region change error – Please check that you have Administrator Privileges and there is a media in the drive”. Then I put a region 5 media, e.g a CD into the drive and tried to change the region again, but it again gives the same error. Can anybody please help me , how to change the region to 5 ? Inspite of having a DVD+RW player, I am unable to play any DVDs/CDs, how sad ! Please help…


Have you seen the price of cheapo dvd players now? You can get one for about the same price as a sandwich.

If all else fails . . .

Ken asks…

help to by a laptop?

I want to buy a latest configured laptop (processor, CPU speed, RAM etc)
Additional information
New processor I don’t know exactly
CD read only disk drive
17X screen (14X if available)
Battery max hour (no external needed)
Speaker normal
LCD/TFT (with respect of low cost)
High CPU speed
Genuine windows XP professional
Give the additional information of mouse, headset (with mouse peace) and price
And of course it must reliable
Must available in India
Whether laptop prices where going up?


Go for COMPAQ laptop. You can search for configuration in internet. But buy a laptop with free DOS and buy a genuine windows copy from a retail computer shop. Because Compaq along with other Companys laptop is now comes with Vista home. So go for free dos.

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