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Your Questions About Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Chris asks…

I dont know if I should get the Ipad2 or the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1?

I have the HTC EVO which is Android powered (which i love) , but I dont know if i should get the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 or the apple iPad2 . . . I dont know if I should try apple products, or stick with Android ?


It’s all up to personal preference.

Since you don’t own an iPhone, I’d head toward the iPad 2. Although it may seem like a glorified iPhone or iPod, the iPad has tons of apps made just for it that make it a powerful tool. Android tablets are nice, too, but with the lack of apps for tablets themselves, you’re getting a glorified android phone more so than anything.

Carol asks…

How to root Samsung fascinate and galaxy tab?

Im looking for a good app to root Samsung fascinate and Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 umm Z4root is having problems downloading. something simple would be nice :)


Try this is not an app but it worked for me superoneclick here is the link:

Betty asks…

Could someone please give me some good games to download off the droid market for a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I think it is a really cool device. I am having a problem though trying to find the right games to download on this device from the market place. I downloaded a couple of games but they did not look right so I deleted them off the Galaxy. I cannot tell when I am in the market place what apps are specifically for the Samsung 10.1. I also own a IPad 2 and I find the app store has a lot of games that work on the IPad 2 and they really look great. I really would like the Galaxy Tab to work for me. I once had a Galaxy Tab 7in and I found alot of games that worked great on that device. I found that some of the games I downloaded onto the Galaxy 10.1 were not clear and looked a little distorted. So maybe the games I downloaded off the website were not really for the 10.1 how can I tell if a game is compatible with the Galaxy10.1?


Try this: http://freesoft-zen.blogspot.com/2011/01/samsung-galaxy-tabs-best-game.html

Maria asks…

Can you put screen protectors for ipad 2 on a samsung galaxy tab 10.1?

the lack of accessories for the sgt 10.1 im having trouble finding a screen protector on the web or locally (from the phillippines) for it. Is the ipad 2 screen protector an alternative?


No because it won’t fit properly… The Galaxy Tab 10.1 has 16:10 aspect ratio, while the iPad 2 is 4:3. GT screen is wider and shorter (in landscape view) than the iPad 2. There are a ton of online stores that sell screen protectors for the GT10.1. Does Zagg not ship to the Philippines? You can even find cheap ones on eBay and Amazon…

Linda asks…

What is the samsung galaxy tab 10.1 screen made of?

I just wanna know if it is constructed out of gorilla glass or not.


I assumed it is… Then I went digging for the info just to be sure. Yes, it has Gorilla Glass.


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