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Your Questions About Samsung Charge | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Samsung Charge

Donna asks…

Samsung Charge: where do the downloaded applications go?

I just got Samsung charge phone. Good phone overall but i have been having one problems. Several applications that I downloaded can not be found in applications. They must go somewhere else because I do get confirmations that the applications were downloaded successfully. If you know what folder they could be, I would appreciate your help.


If it’s live wallpapers, they do NOT show in app drawer. You set them by going menu / wallpapers.

So what sort of apps?

Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days
I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing!

Sandy asks…

How long does it take to charge Samsung Behold?

I just got the samsung behold phone and i want to start using it! How long will it take to charge and do i have to wait until its fully charged before i can start using it?


I just got the phone as well and think it is sleek, and cool. I charged mine throughout the whole night, so it can be fully charged in the morning. After that it only takes an hour or two to fully charge.

Joseph asks…

How long does the samsung focus charge?

I was just wondering how long my phone (SAMSUNG FOCUS) charges. Because in reviews people have said that they charge long. Thanks!


If its a smartphone its expected to take between 3-5 hours.

Jenny asks…

How do I add music to my Samsung Droid Charge?

How do I add music to my Samsung Droid Charge? I just want to connect the phone to my computer and be able to drag music to it or something. Help!!!
My phone won’t let me mount the SD card or whatever while its connected but when it isn’t connected, it says that it is mounted.


Mp3 rocket download it search whut u want then download it and drag it 2 ur phone

Thomas asks…

Is the battery life on the Samsung Charge really this bad?

I can’t go an entire day connected to the network without having to charge it up again at some point, and I just got this phone. Has anyone else been having trouble with the battery life? I might go in today and trade it in for another to see if its any better.


Smartphones go through battery life pretty quick, and anything that updates regularly (GPS, search for wi-fi networks, low signal/searching-for-signal) will slow it as well. Depending on the activity, a half a day to a day and a half or two days is pretty common lifespan between charges.

There’s also a bunch of apps running by default in the background on your phone, sometimes sending data and often using up processing power.Try downloading and using a task killer like Advanced Task Killer ( https://market.android.com/details?id=com.rechild.advancedtaskkiller ). Killing off apps you don’t need will help battery life, and if you are not on a wifi network or out and about, turn off wifi scanning and GPS.

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