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Your Questions About Net Books Laptops Mini | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Net Books Laptops Mini

Carol asks…

Based on this information, should I get a laptop or a mini laptop (net-book)?

I don’t know a lot of the differences between the two, so here’s my situation, let me know if you need additional details. And thanks :)

I have a regular laptop at home, but I want one I can easily take with me, not only to use the internet, but because I’m part of a small business, and if they call I want to be able to quickly view and send any necessary documents. I don’t play games, and I only use a few applications…word, excel, PowerPoint, and maybe one or two downloaded applications, nothing intensive. I don’t really watch videos, or even play music, although I do have music. I also don’t want to spend more than $500 accessories and all. But I feel I might need a cd drive, for viewing data sometimes given to me on a cd. Any advice? Thanks.

**The most important thing to me is speed when I’m actually using the computer. I don’t need a lot of storage.


This is one of the best deals I’ve seen for $499. It will be very fast for non-intensive applications. But it has a 15″ screen so I’m not sure if that is portable enough for you.


This has a more portable 14 inch screen, DVD/CD drive and is still more than fast enough for office tasks.

Its hard to find any more portable laptops (13″ screen and below) with an optical drive and in that price range. They are either expensive ultra-portables, or without optical drives.

If you don’t need an optical drive check out these:
(great combinations of portability and performance, more powerful than netbooks and more portable than typical laptops)





Netbooks might not run office?!? Ok then …
Of course they can run office. They can’t play 3-D games and no 1080p videos, and no 720p flash videos. They are very portable and can do basic tasks. But they sacrifice performance in order to be small and use very little power. And they don’t have DVD/CD drives.

Donna asks…

is there anywhere i can buy a mini laptop or net book cheap?


Samsung N130 10.1 inch Netbook (Atom N270 1.6GHz Processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB HDD, up to 6 Hour Battery Life , XP Home, Black)
*Intel Atom processor – increases energy efficiency to extend battery life
*10.1 inch XD LCD display – provides sharper, brighter images, with a proper 16:9 aspect ratio
*Class leading design – slim and elegant chassis accentuated with unique colours and tactile styling
*Ergonomic keyboard – a normal size, notebook PC style keyboard for easy typing
*Multiple connection options – Wired/Wireless LAN, integrated Webcam and 3 x USB


you can visit below link you can find more options here :

James asks…

Can you play the Sims 3 on the new net book laptop?

On the new Verizon Wireless HP mini 1151NR Net book, can you play the Sims 3?
If so will it have the appropriate graphics card so the graphics will come up good?


You coulddd, but i don’t know if it would be that great.
I mean, there’s not a lot of ram or anything like that in there is there?
They’re more designed for surfing the web and talking to people.

I know i won’t get best answer since there will be a better answer.

But i wanted to tell you.

Betty asks…

What do I get an 11 year old for christmas and her birthday ?

I’m 14 and me and my parents dont know what to get my 11 year old sister for christmas and her birthday is 3 weeks after christmas.We asked her and she said a net book (mini laptop). She doesnt know what else she wants. Any suggestions?


A wallet full of gift cards. A wallet adds a personal touch but the gift cards make it so she can buy whatever she wants.

New clothes
new shoes
new phone
itunes gift card

Steven asks…

What is the difference between a mini net book and a net book?

Or are they really the same? I am totally confused. I know that a net book is small and less capable than a laptop.
I wanted to add that this would be a gift for my daughter. I’m not looking to work with it or anything. So is the mini net book just a waste of money? TIA


Size. And yes, it does matter.

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