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Your Questions About Best Laptops To Buy For College | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Best Laptops To Buy For College

Thomas asks…

Best type of laptop to buy for college student?

im going to college this fall for cosmetology. But the college informs you of whats happening and the instructor contacts their students through email, which means I need to buy a laptop or ill be computer-less. Whats the best brand would you suggest to look into???


I’m a college student as well. I recomend Asus or Toshiba. Actually, its not very important the brand. What is important are the features. Choose windows 7, 4GB+ ram and a nice processor. Ask for assistance in the shop you buy the pc ;) Do not choose a mac, or you may strugle with compatibility problems in the future of your student life.


Linda asks…

Best laptop to buy for a college student?

I currently own a Vaio that is a year and a half old. For the past month it’s been distorting any video or audio I play (apparently an issue with Vaio’s that I didn’t know before I bought it). I’m planning on bringing it back to Best Buy and getting a new laptop within the next few months (it’s still under warranty). What would be the best laptop to buy for a college student? I ruled out a Mac because I’m not into any form of arts. I just need a laptop for basic internet surfing with a strong CPU and a decent amount of RAM. Please explain your recommendation, thanks.

No net books please.



HP DV6-3143US Pavilion Notebook PC
*2.40GHz Intel Core i3-370M Processor 15.6″ screen
*ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 + Intel HD
*500GB (5400RPM) Hard Drive
*4GB DDR3 System Memory
*Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Webcam

Sharon asks…

What is the best laptop to buy for a new college student?

Keep in mind that he is very accident pron! Requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD X2 Dual Core, 2 G RDR+RW, 160 G Hard drive, 14 “monitor, Vista Business.


I’d reconmend a Lenovo (IBM) laptop, they are made for the traveling professional and therefore VERY sturdy. I’ve had mine for 5 years and the only problems ive run into was replacing the battery.

I’ve linked you to a site where they havea bunch, good luck!

Daniel asks…

What is the best type of laptop to buy for college?

I’ve looked into a few but I’m looking to see people’s opinions. If you could tell me why its a good laptop and the exact type it yould be great[:

I’ll give the best answer 5 stars.


Some things I looked for when laptop shopping:

1. Good battery life. Perhaps the most important quality of a good college laptop since you’ll be going from class to class playing flash games and ignoring the professor (j/k). Actually, the biggest reason you want a good battery life (somewhere around 4+ hours) is “just in case”. Depending on what college you go to, lecture halls and classrooms may or may not have outlets for your laptop. In my experience, I’ve found that hand-written notes are vastly superior to typed up notes (both to help you learn and to study from) so I left my laptop in the dorms 90% of the time. However, in that 10% when I did take my laptop with me, I was glad to have a long battery life.

2. Lightweight. More than likely, you’ll be carrying the laptop around in a backpack. Again, it depends on your college, but if you’re going to be walking around with notebooks and possibly textbooks, you’ll want your laptop pretty light. I would definitely suggest something under 6lbs if your campus is large.

3. Portability. While not as important as the other two, carrying around a huge 17″ laptop is less than ideal. Depending on your school, lecture hall seats may be pretty cramped too. Look for something 11-15.6 inches. Definitely do not go over 15.6 inches. Bigger laptops also tend to be heavier and have a short battery life too.

4. Specs. If you are a gamer, you’ll want decent specs. Nowadays, you’ll want a i5 or i7 with at least an upper middle class graphics card.

My laptop of choice at the time was the M11x, which was an 11.6 inch laptop with 6+ hours of battery life and weighed under 5 pounds all the while having a middle class graphics card. Not bad at the time.

Since then I’ve looked at the M14x, which is also good laptop for college (a little on the heavy side though), but ultimately ended up too expensive for me. I ended up getting an HP DV6TSE with a 30% off coupon. Unfortunately, this laptop is a big 15.6 inch and has poor battery life, but I write all my notes on paper anyways.

Lisa asks…

What is the best laptop to buy for going to college?

Intelligent answers that aren’t littered with tech talk that isn’t easily understood, please.
Thanks so much.
Money isn’t too much of an issue, though a practical buy would be much better than spending a load of money on a laptop that shares the same basics with a cheaper one.
Just to be clear.
This IS part of my research. Normally I wouldn’t justify a remark to “think for yourself” with a response, but I’ve been -all over- the web looking at different option. There happens to be some very experianced tech experts on this forum, and I’m simply getting outside references. Don’t assume I’m ONLY looking on here – you’re dead wrong.


If money is not an object, get a Sony VAIO or equivalent small light one because you are going to be carrying it around. Features are same but weight is a lot less. If you want to pay less try a Toshiba. It is not as light but it has all the features you need at a low price.

Is that non-tech enough for your needs?

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