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Your Questions About Netbooks Laptops | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Netbooks Laptops

Mary asks…

What are some small laptops/netbooks with long battery life?

I’m looking for a laptop that has a rather long battery life, but at least 2gb of ram and not an atom processor.


Lenovo ideapad S10 series :)

George asks…

What are some good laptops/netbooks that are under $500 for gaming?

I want to know some recommendations for gaming because my laptop is horrible at that. I want to know a laptop that’s good for Minecraft, Team Fortress 2, or Portal 2. Anything to recommend?


Acer AS7741G-6426 is a Great laptop. Will run just about anything hands down. Huge screen great picture awesome graphics. Best laptop i have seen in a while. Good for students,gamers,business people etc.you cant go wrong with this one. I work on computers and i know what it takes hardware wise and this one does the job.

Joseph asks…

What’s are a most popular between ”Laptops” or ”Netbooks” in current?

What’s are a most popular between ”Laptops” or ”Netbooks” in current?

I want to know, do you like laptops or netbooks in today, if you want to get it one?
Do you think the netbooks and laptops, which is more popular?


A laptop is better than a netbook, mostly because of a better processor, bigger screen, and optical drives. Laptops are better investments cause you get more for your money, some netbooks cost just as much as full sized laptops.

Jenny asks…

What are the differences among laptops, netbooks, and notebooks?

Is it the size and storage capacity?


You can find your question if you went here

Hope I helped

Daniel asks…

Are mini laptops/ netbooks good for things such as facebok?

My son will want to play the flash games on facebook such as farmtown and he likes myspace and things like that. Would a netbook work for that??
Thanks all!


A netbook will work. The only significant problem with netbooks is that the screen can sometimes be too small for some people.

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