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Your Questions About Laptops Price List Dell | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Laptops Price List Dell

Robert asks…

A range of very identical Computers, Difference?

This question is based totally on perfomance and operating system and not expandability.

This is the specification for all the following computer makes below.

Hard drive: 320gb sata
Processor: 3Ghz intel core 2 duo
Memory: 2gb ram
512mb nvidia geforce graphics card

One of these is a MacBook pro laptop – mac
One of these is a Dell XPS desktop -pc
One of these is an HP laptop – pc
One of these is a Toshiba desktop – pc
One of these is a Dell laptop – pc
One of these is an imac – mac

And Lastly One of these is a MAC PRO desktop – mac, the most expensive of them all, twice as much as the HP laptop even with exactly the same Specification.

And then one of those is a Dell Laptop, cheapest of them all in this list and affordable, even with the same specifications all round. Why?

At a glance I would be tempted to buy the Dell desktop, which could be 4 times cheaper than a MAC PRO, same spec.

Is this price difference cause by Branding?

And Also whats the difference in the between a desktop and a laptop with same spec, based totally on perfomance and OS and not expandability.
so are you saying that with the same specification , the dell laptop and hp laptop will have similar perfomance?

The Desktop of toshiba and laptop of hp will have same perfomance?

The Imac and Mac Pro will have similar perfomance.


You have not shown that you considered:

Quality of components used.
Quality of design.
Warranty coverage.
Integration of hardware and provided software.
Level of satisfaction with the product and with support service as reported in surveys by current owners when asked questions like “Would you buy this again or recommend it to a friend?” “How satisfied are you with the support you received when you had a problem?”

Thomas asks…

Sony Vaio laptop’s graphics card?

For the price the laptops look and power is incredible, however, I do not know what graphics card it contains and that can make it or break it for me vs the Dell Studio XPS.

I can’t find what the graphics card for the sony vaio (VGN-CW290X) anywhere, not on the customization list or anything. So, those of you who know what the card is or own a vaio themselves; kindly inform me please? Easy 10 pts.


It’s also known by the Model Number: VPCCW290X CTO

From the Sony site:


(Hope that link works?)

Make a portable fashion statement with VAIO® CW290X. Offering plenty of power combined with an array of colors and limited edition models, the customizable CW290X is designed to match your unique personality.



Available features:
o Intel® Core™ i5 processors with Turbo Boost technology available
o Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium or Professional available
o 14″ VAIO Display
o NVIDIA® GeForce® Graphics with 256MB VRAM
o Up to 640GB Hard Disk Drive available
o Up to 8GB of configurable RAM
o Available Blu-ray Disc™ player/burner
o HDMI™ output
o Built-in webcam and microphone
o Integrated Bluetooth® technology and WiFi

Available colors: Jet Black, Royal Indigo, Fiery Red, Icy White

VAIO Signature Collection: Brilliant Pink, Crystal Rain White

So it looks like you’d either get the built in GPU (i.e. The i3 and i5 processors have Intel HD graphics built into them) or an unspecified low end NVIDIA card, but you’re right – that doesn’t seem to be offered an any stage, that I can see!

So, nothing to write home about, but depends what you’re looking for I guess?

Joseph asks…

Mac vs. Windows Laptops?

About three years ago, I bought a Dell Inspiron 1525 for around $600. Today it is not completely “dead” but it has significantly gone downhill. The battery no longer works so i have to keep it plugged into a wall at all times. Whenever i try to put it to “sleep” rather than shutting it down, it restarts. It has been through a lot more than what’s listed here. I am a student and my school’s computers use Microsoft Word, so I absolutly need Word on my laptop, and my Inspiron doesn’t have it. I feel it is time for a new laptop, and I’ve heard great things about Macs from friends and family. However, looking online, all the computer pros say opt for Windows rather than Mac.

I have had experience with Macs and love the way they work but their prices scare me to death. I am okay with the prices of Windows computers such as Dell, HP, etc…but my family’s Windows computers only have a life span of about 3 years or less whereas my friend’s Macs have lasted far more. Also, my Inspiron has frustrated me so much. I am interested in a 15 or 17in Macbook Pro, but the prices are outrageous. I want to know if Macs are truly worth the money for a student who is only going to use it for surfing the internet, skype, iTunes, storing pictures, and Word documents. Or should I stick with Windows and deal with the short life span?

Also, I know I’m going to have to buy Microsoft Office on top of the laptop if I get a Macbook…does anyone have any opinions on how Word for Mac works? Can a document from Mac be easily transferred to a Dell computer by flash drive or another device?


Well first of all, windows is not the fault you have a short life span, its actually the company you buy it from. Dell is a good company (one of the best) but they have their good laptops and their bad laptops

mac and windows are both good, both with their ups and downs (macs have less compatible software) and if a a mac is outrageously expensive for u and you don’t like dell get something like an acer

some tips to keep the battery life right:
don’t charge your laptop until you are warned for low battery. Use your battery (laptop) often. Why? A discharged or charged battery kept for a long time will definitely lose its ability to hold charge
it even happens with macs and other apple products

if you want a fast computer which runs windows make sure you have an intel core i5 or i7, 4GB of ram, and over 320GB of hard drive space for those music and picture files
most macs don’t come with parts lower quality than these (that is why they are fast)
many people try to buy a cheap windows computer in the result of having slow processors and being low in ram (like 1GB) and hard drive space (like 160GB)

a windows computer will work fast (trust me) as long as you meet these conditions, and they won’t cost much, compared to a mac (get windows, windows 7 is really fast)

one last thing, if you had vista, vista had many issues with it, and that was probably why you had so many problems with it

Ruth asks…

What Laptop Would You Recommend?

I went onto overstock.com and found several low priced laptops. Unfortunately, I have very little knowledge of what computer will give me the best bang for my buck. I am moving to Australia in a few weeks, so I will mostly just be using it for Internet & Web Cam… any suggestions??
Here are the computers listed under $350 on overstock.com:

Asus Eee PC 900 16G XP Galaxy Black Laptop Computer
Today: $229.99

IBM Thinkpad T43 1.6 GHz 40GB 14.1-inch Laptop (Refurbished)
Today: $286.49

Acer AOD150 Red 10.1 160GB 6-cell Laptop
Today: $291.73

Dell Latitude D610 2.13 GHz 1GB RAM 40 GB Laptop (Refurbished)
Today: $339.49

HP Mini 1030nr 10-inch 1.6GHz 16GB Media Laptop (Refurbished)
Today: $269.99


I think you should get the mini!! But since its refurbished, it might be defective in some way or something.

The dell minis aren’t too expensive brand new, they start at $299


and the HP ones start at $279


also, check craigs list. Its like ebay but its local so you can go see the laptop and test it out and stuff.

Good luck finding you laptop! :)

Sandra asks…

Which brand notebook/laptop would you buy?

Between the brands listed below which would you purchase from Please list a reason why or why not you would buy a brand.

MSI, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Sager, Falcon Northwest, Acer, Ben Q, Medion, Averatec, Fujitsu, LG

If the laptops all cost the same price lets say $1000 which would you pick.

Only talk about brands listed do not changed the subject or try to get off topic by talking about another brand.


MSI – heard very little feed back good or bad.

Lenovo – owned by IBM and is a good computer over all.

Asus – depends on the model most of them are good and heard some negative feed back.

HP – certain models are good some are okay (stay away from Compaq & Compaq Presario they are
owned by HP.

Dell – depends on the country in Singapore & Australia its very good in USA its okay.
XPS is the one that I would get if it was Dell my recommendation Alienware which is owned
by Dell.

Sony – heard more bad things than good about their laptops as for their notebooks more of a mix.

Toshiba – most work good however the majority of the owners think they work great until they get
another brand of computer. Once they break they take a long time to repair and when
you try to resolve it, it gets to be annoying and frustrating, and always time consuming.

Sager – heard very little about it nothing good or bad.

Falcon Northwest – this brand is not one that I remember hearing before or reading about.

Acer – some models are okay some are good easy to work on.

Ben Q – Been to IT shows & stores not seen it in Singapore or American stores. If it is in America
it must be limited to certain states or very new to that country.

Medion – Been to IT shows & stores not seen it in Singapore or American stores. If it is in America
it must be limited to certain states or very new to that country.

Averatec – heard of it and the few that I had encountered did have some issues.

Fujitsu – Heard of their specs and that they are around so many years they do more than computers
they are better known for film.

LG – great for flat panel monitors especially in the states and not that way in Singapore. Depends
on the country you live in to how they are seen as good or bad. As for computers I know they
have them and seen them & they do look nice. No good or bad feedback on their computers.

Anyway… I have answered your questions maybe not the way you had wanted but very close to it. I would recommend either Alienware or MBP then again this is based on my needs. You did not state what you need the computer for. Is it for Education, Job, Gaming, or General Usage or is it for all of those things?

Went a little off topic, however did stick to most of what you requested. Because some of them own the other companies. Example Dell owns Alienware.

Remember to pick best answer, thanks!

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