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Your Questions About Laptops With Webcam | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Laptops With Webcam

Laura asks…

Can you take a video of yourself with a built in Laptop webcam and post it on YouTube?


Yes, as long as it makes the video into a file, you can upload it to youtube.

Lisa asks…

My laptop webcam is giving very dark pictures?

How can I get to edit my photos with auto brightness and advanced settings regarding photo editing


Laptop cameras do that because most of them have low pixels so it;s normal :) Good Luck!

Chris asks…

Whats a good webcam for laptops at Walmart for under $30?

I have a toshiba windows vista I got last christmas. a few weeks ago i got a phillips webcam that cost $20 that didn’t come with an installation disk because your laptops suppose to automatically work with it but mine don’t. so I want to get a new webcam for my laptop that works & is under $30.


From my own experience, Logitech webcam’s are the best, and they have also the best program.
I don’t know if you can buy them by walmart, cause we don’t have one anymore, but there are models for under 30$


The price doesn’t say much. For example I’ve the one for 99.99 and my dad paid 69.99 in a normal electro store. It’s just the suggested retail price. Or you have to ask, and they will give it you for a little less. :P

Mandy asks…

why does laptop’s webcam lag with the audio?

i tried to record myself playing guitar with my laptops webcam, but the audio sort of lags with the video. it is out of sync, i think the video is too slow. is there a way for me to make the video match with the audio perfect?
i am using dell webcam center from my dell laptop


What make and model laptop is this webcam installed-in?

What program as your using to record the video?

George asks…

What brand laptop would be best for school and has a built in webcam?

I’m high school student in need of good laptop for school with a good built in webcam laptop.
I was thinking about getting a mac but I don’t know if you can use Microsoft word, PowerPoint, etc Can you use that on mac? but there is probably something as good that cost a little less.
If you know I do appreciate your help thanks:)


The idea that Microsoft Office (Word Excel and PowerPoint) are Windows applications is false. They started off on the Mac and are still developed and sold for the Mac. There are many Mac-only features in Microsoft Office (although there are some Windows-only features, too). Most of Microsoft Office is the same on both platforms, but I prefer the Mac version.

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