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Your Questions About Net Books Laptops Mini | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Net Books Laptops Mini

Jenny asks…

mini laptop/ net book question!!?

so i want to get a net book/ mini laptop (it has to be under 600$) but i want it just to download music off of torent… and update my itouch. then!! i wanted to get an external hard drive with about 350 GB’S so that i can store my music on the external hardrive because i know net books tend to lag when there’s too much stuff on it…

1) will this work if i use the external hard drive as my main hard drive?
2) can i download torrent onto a mini netbook?
3) any mini/ netbook suggestions under 600$?



1) Yes
2) Yes
3) acer or msi, those are the best brands, just find one that fits you. They’re 350$ tops.

Donna asks…

Which net book/mini laptop is best?

I am wanting to buy a net book because my laptop is huge and heavy and right now, it won’t shut because the hinge is broken. I was just going to go to Target to buy an accer net book, but I was on the fry’s website and saw the hp mini. It is more expensive, but it is probably better quality. Please give me any advise on what I should purchase if you have had experience with these. THanks


Actually all of them are pretty good right now so you will probably like which ever one you pick. There are some design flaws however with Acer and HP that I think anyone that buys one of their netbooks should know:

- Acer’s weakness is flimsy hinges in their design. If you drop one of their netbooks, don’t be surprised if the hinges become loose, especially if it’s open when it falls.
- HP’s weakness is a flimsy top cover for the laptop screen in their design. Make sure you don’t accidentally sit on it or knock anything against it, as you may end up having to replace the screen.

Honestly the toughest netbook design I’ve seen recently has been on MSI’s line of Wind netbooks.

Sharon asks…

What net-book/notebook/mini laptop should i get for my daughter?

She is 12 and we were thinking under $300 that connects to the internet and possibly a touch screen but its ok if its a touch pad-er of a laptop or net-book or notebook


I work for the State of California, and with the current budget crisis, I did extensive research into netbooks to save costs. My opinion is that the MSI Wind is best. Here’s a list of them that you can buy from Newegg.com: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=50001312%2040000772&Description=msi%20wind&name=Netbooks

Laura asks…

How long does mini net book laptop last?


Average life is up to 15 yrs. But these work perfect till 10 yrs. Only.
But you can manage for more 5 yrs.

Robert asks…

What kind of computer should I get laptop or mini net book?

Well I’m getting a lap or a net book depending what I want for my b-day so any one have any suggejetions


What is most important to you batt life or functionality – a netbook is a small web-browsing, paperwriting somewhat slow machine they are usually about 100-200 cheaper than a notebook – most netbooks do not have a dvd drive either. The keyboard and screen are pretty small, the hard drive and ram are less too as well as a less powerful cpu all this to save on batt life so they get like 6-10hrs of batt life as opposed to the 3 i get from my lappy.

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