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Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops New | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Windows Xp Laptops New

Paul asks…

whats the best way to transfer files and settings from this windows xp laptop to a new windows vista laptop?

Ive just brought a new laptop running windows Vista and I want to transfer all my files and settings, media player album info, email settings and that sort of stuff from this windows xp laptop to the new one. What the best way of doing this.


Try using the Files and settings transfer wizard. Go to Accesories and the System Tools. Its in there. I always use it to back up to a partition on my hard drive if I ever have to reinstall. You can select which files you need to transfer over too, like the My Documents folder and the like.

If you have a lot to transfer over, you may have to burn onto multiple CD`s or DVD`s. Make sure you burn at a slow speed, to avoid any errors. Or, if you have the cables, you can connect a null modem cable to each pc and transfer the files and settings over that way.

You`ll need to start the transfer in the XP computer as this is the one you`ll have to transfer from. And then use the same program in Vista to transfer the files from whichever media you use. If you have a usb hard disk, that should do the trick nicely.

Daniel asks…

Can I still get new windows xp laptops if so where, preferably a well known site e.g. pc world?Must be in UK?

Need a laptop compatible with Sims 3 For around £300 or just over!! Anyone shed some light?


Yes you can still get a laptop with xp


Maria asks…

do they still sell new laptops with windows xp?

i really don’t like vista, but i still want a new laptop. do they still sell new computers with xp? please include sites with laptops.


Only cheap quality entry level computers come with XP anymore.

Have you personally had problems with Vista? If so what?

I have been using it on two computers since came out last year and love it. In fact I am junking my XP computer as it is a slug. Think I will use it for a boat anchor.

Buying another desktop with Vista.

Nancy asks…

Where to buy new laptops with windows XP?

Where to buy new laptops with windows XP? It seems all new laptops come with vista. I prefer XP. It seems the only option is to get a refurb with XP…..


Hells bells, where do you live, in a desert or something

Michael asks…

Is it possible to buy a laptop with Vista and replace the new hard-drive with an old Windows XP hard-drive?

I have a fairly new Windows XP hard-drive from a previous laptop and want to buy a new laptop with Vista then take out the exsisting hard-drive (the one with Vista pre-installed) and replace it with the old one that runs on XP.

Both laptops are HPs…will this work? Or is it more complicated than that?


Yeah or you can just install windows xp on it instead of switching things hard-drives

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