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Your Questions About Best Laptops To Buy In India | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Best Laptops To Buy In India

Thomas asks…

Best places to Buy laptops online in india?

Which is the best place to buy laptops online in india?I am not able to visit any store nearby due to tight schedules,so thinking of just getting it online.


Check out www.AnythinginIT.com – on of the leading online computer store in India.

Sharon asks…

What is the best laptop to buy in India?

I do a lot of gaming. One with a good graphics card? I wouldn’t mind a big laptop. I need one with good memory because i watch a lot of movies and downloaded t.v. serials. Probably one with a good color choice. Preferably blue or black. I want it to look stylish. Pay a lot of attention to that, please. I’m probably asking too much, but bottom-line: kindly try and get me a good one. thanks :)


I would recommend using Alienware Laptop 4 gaming

-If not i would suggest a dell laptop with ATI Radeon Graphics Card because it is power efficient and u can use it all day on the move
-U’ll watch movies as ATI is already HD compatible
-Get urself a 1TB HDD its lot cheaper now-a-days

Good Gaming…….

Helen asks…

what is the best laptop to buy (and use) in India with standard confi: 3GB,350 GB HD?

A good model for me would be something that is not too sensitive,requires min care,simple & sleek look(very important)and probably something in the budget of( INR) Rs.50,000/-.

If i want to raise my budget a lil bit, is it a good idea to buy an Apple laptop in India?how much should i expect to pay for a good one in India?



Dell Studio series

Daniel asks…

best laptop to buy in india with in 37,000?

Which will be the best laptop to buy in india within 37,000


Check out Dell Inspiron 1464 Laptop with i5-430M Processor, 14″ WLED Monitor, 2GB RAM and 320GB HDD.

Donna asks…

Which is the best laptop to buy in india

I want to buy laptop to do some java,documentum projects. I need to have 2GB RAM and 250 GB Hard disk. Plz let me know which is the best laptop i can buy?


You can do this java and all those stuffs on any computer. But the things that should be concentrated while buying a laptop is
1) technical support
2) features
3) price

Dell is very well known and award wining company for customer satisfaction and technical support. Even I have Dell laptop so I also personally recommend Dell to you.

Then go through various reviews-site and look for the reviews for laptops that you wanna buy. Try to get a good deal from the dealer.

I have dell xps. But i prefer you dell inspiron because it will be cheap and durable according to your requirements.

And you can configure your laptop on dell website also. I mean you can manually add the features like RAM, HDD, OS, Extended Warranty .
That’s pretty much it.

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