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Your Questions About Affordable Laptops Under 200 | Laptopsunder500bucks.com

Your Questions About Affordable Laptops Under 200

Jenny asks…

where can i get a really good affordable laptop? any brand? 200$ or under.?

i really NEED a laptop.


To get a laptop for less than $200 look for used-computer stores (college towns have these) and also ask at computer-repair shops.

You did not say what city you live in, if you don’t live in a large city or metropolitan area, find the nearest really-large city and check its newspaper’s web site for computer-repair-store advertising.

You want to inspect the laptop and ask questions before you purchase it, so don’t buy one off the Internet from who-ever unless you can visit them to inspect the laptop.

You want to make sure the laptop comes with an Operating System already installed, usually it will be Windows, and comes with the manufacturer’s restore disks. Repair shops often take parts from several failed laptops to build a working laptop, and the resulting laptop will probably not have Windows installed on it, or it might be a not-legal install of Windows.

One problem with used laptops is the battery is old, if the battery is more than three years old it won’t last more than another one or two years and you will have to replace it.

One reason used laptops at used-computer stores or computer-repair-shotp are surprisingly expensive is that the laptop battery has been replaced. Those batteries are expensive, more than $100.

Sharon asks…

I need a netbook for under $200 and new?

My laptop just died on me and I am a tight budget. I need very quickly an affordable netbook for under $200 but new please. Thank you


There is not much you can get for that type of budget. However try the 7 Inch OEM Netbook Notebook

Donna asks…

I am looking to purchace a netbook/ affordable laptop when would be the best time. Im in no hurry?

i want a processor stronger than intel atom
cd drive would be nice
2 + gb RAM
250 gb hard drive
something VERY small
I would like it to be UNDER 250 or 200 so when would they have these products for a reasonable amount
This year, next year?


I’m just gonna be honest here.

You won’t get a laptop that is new for under 250. You might find a closeout netbook for less than 250. But that will have an Atom processor.

At times, Best Buy will run a 299 dollar laptop that meets your requirements. They have been doing it with Compaq’s and Toshiba’s with the Celeron 900 processor. My advice? Check BestBuy.com on Sundays to see if they are running a special for that week. They change the specials on Sundays.

If you save up a little extra money, in a few weeks the netbooks will start coming with the Atom dual-core processor, not the current one.

Donald asks…

what is a good, yet affordable laptop on the market right now? & best brands?

i’ve had the WORST luck with my hp pav dv6000. i’ve had it for a year & 7 months & i just spent 200 to get it fixed after it crashed.. just for the screen to stop working [if anyone knows what may be wrong, that would be great -- it starts up, i can hear the welcome/start up noise, but the screen is blank].

I’ve decided to just spend money on a new one. I want to know brands that I can trust with laptops. I’m thinking about getting a toshiba.. but options would be nice… Also, to help me out a little more, I’d like to know good laptops that are reliable & are currently on the market. preferably under $800. but you can name ones with higher prices if you want.

links would be a HUGE help!

thanks in advance!


I use right now my HP pav dv9000, have been two times broken, once I fixed by resetting memory (5min thing) and I also use Asus minilaptop, I recommend Acer One minilaptop, very easy to carry etc.


John asks…

Looking for a new camcorder…?

I want something that:

Uses memory cards not tapes or DVDs: I think I want it to record directly to an affordable, high capacity memory card that I can remove and just plug into the reader in my laptop…. or play directly from the camcorder. I’ve seen a lot of these from cheap manufacturers and I want to buy from at least a Samsung or Cannon ect.

Takes still pictures: In an attempt to keep costs down, that once standard feature isn’t always available in some models. I’d like to be taking decent 4 or 5 megapixel stills with this as well because I don’t want to carry two cameras all day. The still camera should use a flash, I’ve seen plenty that don’t.

Good key features: Just take good movies with some basics like image stabilization and being good with indoor and outdoor lighting. Good battery life is a plus but a few hours is surely good enough.

Cheap…ish- Is under 200 too much to ask for? I’m a Sam’s club member so if I can save a buck there then that’s great.

If somebody can show a link to the product they would recommend that would be all I’m asking for today. Thanx!


Consider the JVC, these are excellent & are cheaper than your 2 choices.

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